I’ve struggled with my weight all of my life.  When my health started suffering and everything I ate seemed to cause a physical reaction, I gave up dairy, and then gluten, and then soy.  Finally, I turned to Paleo AIP.  That seemed to help my health issues, and I lost a dramatic amount of weight.  For the first time in my adult weight, I was a “normal” weight for my frame of five feet four inches—141 pounds.

And then I started reintroducing foods like gluten free breads and sweets.  And the pounds started piling back on.

Rinse and repeat 3x in six years.  The lowest weight I got to was 22 months ago after my foot surgery when I was down to 136.  And then I reintroduced sweets and carbs, and my weight climbed—averaging a gain of 4.5 to 5 pounds a month.

I Can’t Gain Anymore Weight

And here I sit, once again, morbidly obese.  It’s not a place I ever want to be again.

Since the fall, I’ve been struggling.  This December, my kind physician urged me to learn how to manage my stress so that I wouldn’t slowly kill myself with food.

I thought about going Paleo since I’ve had such good luck with that, but I know that Paleo isn’t the answer for me because I don’t want to be Paleo for the rest of my life.  I want gluten free bread and potatoes and beans and sweets occasionally.

Joining WW (Weight Watchers) Again

So, I researched and decided to rejoin Weight Watchers, now WW.

Weight Watchers and I have a very long history.  I first joined my mom as a Weight Watcher when I was just 16, and I recruited my friend to join me.  The first week, we dropped six and eight pounds respectively.

Most of the time I joined Weight Watchers, I wasn’t successful.  The two times I was successful was my first semester of grad school and the months before my wedding.

Honestly, I haven’t considered Weight Watchers for awhile because I used to get annoyed by the system.  I didn’t want to count fruits and vegetables.  Plus, I’m hungry a lot, and I was always going over my points, which is probably why I was never all that successful.

WW Has Changed. . .A Lot!

But, I recently discovered that Weight Watchers has revamped their system.  Now almost all fruits and vegetables are zero points.  Salmon is zero points!  Beans are zero, turkey is zero, chicken is zero.  There are so many zero points foods that I feel the system is completely doable, and I’m excited that hopefully this will be the lifestyle change I’m looking for. that will lead not only to weight loss, but to permanent weight loss.

I started the program on Saturday, and so far so good.  Although my yoyo weight is an embarrassment to me, I decided to share my journey with you from the very beginning so that I have built in accountability.  I’ll let you know every week how my goal to once again get to 141 pounds is going.

Have you joined WW’s new plan?  If so, what do you think of it?

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