We had a fabulous time in Washington D.C. and were careful to only visit free monuments, museums and attractions.  We even walked in a light (and sometimes not so light) mist one day to avoid paying for a taxi.  We brought our own food in a cooler and ate nearly all of our meals in the hotel. 

Still, we had to pay $1643 out of pocket (for a quick rundown, we had to pay $445 registration fee, $772 in hotels, $100 in parking at the hotel, $236 in gas and tolls, and $90 for my husband’s poster for his poster presentation ), and that has put a serious strain on our budget while we wait for my husband’s work to reimburse him.  To add to the financial strain, my husband has to attend another conference in October.

While we haven’t had a no spend challenge in many months, now seems like a good time to have one.  From today through October 10th, we will spend no more than $200.  That amount will include spending for entertainment, groceries, toiletries, gas, public transportation, etc.  Ideally we will spend less than that, but if we spend no more than that I will be happy.  I’ll report back a few times to let you know how we are doing.

Would you care to join me?  Simply leave a comment as to how long you are going to have a no spend challenge and what your limit for spending is.  I would love some company!  🙂

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