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My birthday was this past weekend.

I turned 42!   (Yep, I said that out loud!)

I still can’t quite believe it.  My dad died at 38, so every year that I get older than he did, I feel more and more blessed.

While I had a more difficult year thanks to my health issues, I do believe I’m back on the path to wellness.

Plus, this past year, I lost a 32.8% of my entire body weight.  I’m now fitting in clothes that are smaller than I ever remember wearing before.  Now, that’s the way to welcome in 42!

Would You Do Me a Favor?

In honor of my birthday, would you mind doing me a favor?  Would you fill out this short, 4 question survey for me?  I just want to learn a little more about my readers as I continue to improve Mom’s Plans.

Mom’s Plans 2013 Survey

I’ll Do You a Favor, Too

As a thank you to all of my dedicated readers who take the time to fill out the survey completely, I’ll be giving away a $30 gift card.  The winner will be chosen randomly next Monday, April 15, 2013 among those who participated in the survey.

So, what’s the gift card to?  Well, the lucky winner gets to choose from these three options:

1.  $30 Amazon gift card

2.  $30 Starbuck’s gift card

3.  $30 Kohl’s gift card

My treat as a thank you for participating in my birthday and coming back to Mom’s Plans, day in and day out.  You guys rock!

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Photo courtesy of Will Clayton via Flickr.

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