My maternal grandmother was 100% Irish, which makes me at least 25% Irish; I am assuming that there is some Irish on my dad’s side also, but I will have to wait until the kids grow up more before I can pursue genealogy research as I would like to do.

Although I am the one with Irish blood, it is my husband who craves corn beef and cabbage every year, so we decided to have an Irish meal this Sunday.
To make the corn beef and cabbage, all my husband did was put the beef in a pot and almost covered it with water, added the seasoning packet that came with the meat and let it simmer for about 40 minutes. He then added chopped cabbage, carrots and potatoes and let it simmer for another hour. My husband and kids love this dish; I had a piece of toast with peanut butter instead.

My son and I did make Irish cookies today. I found Crème De Menthe Balls (No Bake Cookies), and knew we had to make them. These tasted like the inside of a Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookie. They were very good; I gave up chocolate 8 months ago, but I think they would be absolutely delicious dipped in milk chocolate instead of covered in powdered sugar.

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