Recently, I have been entering blog giveaways. I have won twice so far; first, I won a Time Keeper Household Planner, which I love, and a knitted ball that is gentle enough for my two girls to play with together and not hurt each other.

Until recently, I have been entering giveaways sponsored by blogs I visit. However, I have learned there are better ways to find the giveaways I would like to enter. There are several websites that have a running list of blog giveaways.

Giveaway Scout separates the giveaways by category—fashion, home and gardening, cooking, parenting, etc. so you can target the giveaways that would best serve your family.

Online-Sweepstakes lists giveaways by the date they end or by how many entries are allowed. I like to go to the giveaways ending on the day I am searching. Then, when you enter a giveaway, you can click a button to save it to “My Sweeps” so you can keep track of the giveaways you have entered. You can also use the search button to look for an item your family may need. Shows a picture of each giveaway in addition to the label. They also have a search button so you can search for a particular item. You can also sort by new and ongoing giveaways.

Great Blog Giveaways lists many giveaways and has links to many blogs that list giveaway links on their sites.

In addition to knowing where to look for giveaways to enter, having a strategy for your entries is also important. Sweetie Sweeps writes “Secrets to Winning Blog Giveaways”, which may help increase your odds. Good luck!

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