This post contains affiliate links.  Throughout this whole COVID experience, I’ve been looking for a company that can bring organic produce to my door for a reasonable price, without too much packaging or without being delayed in shipping.  The task has not been easy!  However, for the last five weeks, I’ve been receiving produce from Imperfect Foods, and I’ve been very pleased.

Imperfect Foods Review

6 Honest Reasons Why We Love Imperfect Produce

I’d been on the email list for Imperfect Foods for months, hoping they would branch out to our area.  They finally notified me in late October that they were now delivering in my area.  I immediately signed up for a box, but I wasn’t expecting much.

For the last eight months, I’ve been searching for a produce delivery company that was reasonably priced and didn’t experience shipping delays.  (In July, a box from the produce company we had been using kept getting delayed in shipping.  Sometimes a box would take three to five days to get to us, and when you have temperatures of 110+ degrees, produce won’t last.  Our shipments would come moldy from the shipping delay, so we stopped using that service.)

However, I was pleasantly surprised by Imperfect Foods.  Even my husband, who is hard to please, gave me a glowing Imperfect Foods review.

There are several reasons why we are now loyal customers.

High Quality Produce

I was shocked at the high quality produce I received.  Since the name is “imperfect”, I expected to find some wacky looking fruits and veggies.  However, that’s only happened a few times.  In general, the produce looks better to me than what I could buy at the grocery store myself.

Not Just Produce

Imperfect Foods doesn’t just sell produce.  They also offer many other foods that either restaurants don’t want or that is excess food that places don’t need.  Beyond produce, we’ve bought cod, mahi mahi, organic chicken legs, and sausage, to name a few.

Imperfect Foods Review
Our mahi mahi from Imperfect Foods. It’s a little smaller than restaurants would like, but it tastes delicious. The broccoli is also from Imperfect Foods.

Imperfect Foods is very clear about the reason why an item is offered and, in the case of fish, whether it’s farm raised or wild caught.

The Price Can’t Be Beat

I can’t believe the prices!  I buy mostly organic produce, and the majority of items are cheaper than what I can buy at the grocery store.

Imperfect Foods Review

Also, if you buy over $60 worth of food a week, your deliver fee is waived.

Keep in mind, we buy organic produce, but Imperfect Foods also offers conventional produce at an even lower price.

Local Delivery

One thing that I really value is that Imperfect Foods has their own delivery truck (at least in our area).  That means we don’t need to rely on shippers who make take several days to get the product to us.  The food is delivered to us the same day it’s packed.  In our area, this will become even more valuable on hot, hot summer days.

Limited Packaging

Another important factor for me is that there is very limited packaging.  With other food delivery services, I never know what to do with all the packing materials.  That’s not a problem with Imperfect Foods.  The only time I have additional packaging is when I order frozen food like meats or fish.  Then, there is a silver bag those items are in with an ice pack.  That’s it!

Imperfect Foods Review

Excellent Customer Service

Finally, Imperfect Foods has excellent customer service.  I have had to contact them twice by email, and each time they resolved my problem within a few hours.

Likewise, the company recently sent out a preemptive email letting customers know that COVID has hit them just like other companies.  They may occassionally be unable to send deliveries out on time when their employees get sick.  They will do what they can to avoid tht scenario and let customers know as soon as possible.  I appreciate such transparency.

One Drawback

There has only been one drawback to our Imperfect Foods experience.  Two of the five boxes we have received, an item was left off.  In our first box, we didn’t receive the pears we ordered.  In our third box, we didn’t receive the onions we ordered.

As I mentioned above, their customer service is excellent.  I simply contacted them, told them what was missing, and within a few hours, they had given me a credit for those items.

Final Thoughts

If you’re looking for a grocery delivery service because you’re life is too busy or you want to limit your time outside the house because of COVID, I highly recommend Imperfect Foods. (Use my link and you’ll get a $10 credit, and I will, too.)  If you’re eco-friendly, you’ll also love how little packaging they use.

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