606739059_bff97744c2Last December, after I found out about all of my medical issues and my yeast overgrowth, I went on the Paleo Auto Immune diet, and I felt much better.  I was faithful about following it.

Slip Sliding Away

However, as I’ve healed, that rigorous adherence has wavered.  In April, I treated myself to some of the chocolate glaze on my daughter’s gluten free birthday cake.  (I couldn’t have the cake because I’m still intolerant to eggs.)  That one little treat lead me into a chocolate binge.  It took me weeks to get it under control.

Then, I made my son the same chocolate gluten free birthday cake for his birthday in late June.  This time, because I learned my egg intolerance is almost gone, I ate a small slice.  And once again, I suddenly found myself eating at least one Enjoy Life chocolate bar every.single.day.  Finally, on the 4th of July, I decided to give up chocolate.  And I     did. . .for 9 days.  Then, I thought, just one bar can’t hurt.  And I’ve had one every single day since then.

True, embarrassing story.

See, 10 months after I learned of my medical issues, I’m 70 pounds lighter, but that old addictive part of my personality that caused me to balloon up to a size 22 is still there.

For me, the only way to avoid temptation is to give up the food entirely.

When I was a teen (and going well into my thirties), I drank Mountain Dew every day.  When my husband and I were engaged, he agreed to give up smoking, and I agreed to give up Mountain Dew.  He stopped smoking 3 months before we got married and has been clean ever since.  I FINALLY gave up Mountain Dew around our 9th year of marriage.


Why I’m Taking the 21 Day Sugar Detox

The 21 Day Sugar Detox can help me get my sugar craving under control.  I’ve also been lax about eating as many non-starchy veggies as I should.  I rely heavily on sweet potatoes, and recently processed sweet potato chips have become part of my diet.  Ahem.

The cause of many of my health issues is an intestinal yeast overgrowth that I had for years which lead to the leaky gut and all my food intolerances.  Eating sugar and starches, even a lot of starchy vegetables, just feeds the yeast.

Not to be too graphic, but I’ve had recurring yeast infections now since February.  I’ve literally treated it at least a half dozen times, and it never fully goes away.  My doctor says it’s because the intestinal yeast overgrowth is likely an issue again.  The starches and sugars have to go so I can kill off the yeast and start fresh.

For the next 3 weeks, starting July 21st and ending August 11th, I’ll be eating meat and copious amounts of non-starchy vegetables.  No fruit, no starchy veggies, certainly no sugar.

Hopefully, I’ll feel much better physically and mentally afterward.

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