This post contains affiliate links.  My kids used to watch iCarly, and they were surprised to hear that Jennette McCurdy didn’t want to continue her acting career after the show ended.  The provactive title of her book, I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy piqued my interest, so I bought the audiobook to listen to while I walked on the treadmill.  I’m still troubled by her life story.

Cover of the book, "I'm Glad My Mom Died" shows Jennette McCurdy holding an urn.

About I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy

McCurdy is the youngest of four children, born to Mormon parents.  Her mom had always wanted to be an actress, so as soon as Jennette was old enough, she took her for auditions.  McCurdy did get some roles, but her mom longed to see Jennette as the star of a show.  Jennette, on the other hand, disliked acting and auditions, but she did them both because she wanted to make her mother happy.

Jennette and her mother were deeply enmeshed.  To make matters worse, Jennette’s mother had triumphed in her battle with breast cancer, and she used the fact that she had breast cancer to try to manipulate others to do what she wanted.  According to Jennette, her mother also manipulated her.

By the time she is a preteen, Jennette is insecure.  She might not get hired from one role because she’s too homely.  She’s turned down for another role because she’s too pretty.  Her mother enrolls her in more classes and gets her a famous agent because she’s sure Jennette can be a star.  And then, she gets the iCarly role.

My Thoughts on the Book

I don’t like when people disparage others after they’ve died.  After all, Jennette McCurdy’s mother cannot defend herself against her daughter’s accusations.  However, if even a portion of what McCurdy says is true, her mother was a troubled, abusive woman.

After reading the book, I can understand why she no longer wants to act.  Growing up as a teenager in the spotlight must be challenging.

In some parts, I felt McCurdy shared too much when it came to her romantic and sexual relationships, but that’s her choice.

Also, I listened to the audiobook, and her narration bothered me because she sounded so monotone throughout much of the book.  I would have liked a bit more expressiveness.

I give I’m Glad My Mom Died by Jennette McCurdy 4.5 out of 5 stars on the Mom’s Plans’ scale.

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