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This year, we took a diversion from our usual literature-based studies to study world geography.  However, I still wanted to add some world literature to the curriculum, so I found some novels that take place in other countries.  I also used some of Carole P. Roman‘s If You Were and Lived In. . .Cultures Around the World books, which are the perfect supplement.   We chose this series out of Carole P. Roman’s assorted series, and we enjoyed them.

About If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Cultures Around the World Books

We chose four of Roman’s books for this review:

If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Cultures Around the World {A Crew Review}

If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Australia

If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Kenya

If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Russia

If You Were Me and Lived in. . .India

Each book is short, about 20 to 30 pages long, with large print.  There are also colorful drawings in most of the pictures, which help to keep children’s interest.

If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Cultures Around the World {Homeschool Crew Review}

Most books explain what the child’s name might be if he lived in that country such as Raj for boys and Rhea for girls in India.  Also, what names the child might call her parents, what food she might eat, what sports she might play, etc.  These books are a great way to offer a peek into a different country and culture.

I really appreciate that each book has a pronunciation guide in the back!

If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Cultures Around the World {Homeschool Crew Review}

If you have several children that you homeschool and like to teach them all at once, these books are perfect for ages three to 12.  (We’ve been using Carole P. Roman books with the girls since they were little.  Now at 11.5 and 10, the books are quick reads for them, but they both still really enjoy reading them.)

Other Carole P. Roman Books

In total, Roman has published 22 books about different countries in her If You Were Me and Lived In. . . series.  In addition to the four titles we reviewed, you can also find books about 18 other countries!  We plan to buy more to add to our geography curriculum.

If you’re interested in knowing more about other Carole P. Roman books, check out our past reviews including this review of If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Cuba, Brazil, and Egypt, as well as Roman’s history books and books for younger children.

Our Thoughts on These Books

If You Were Me and Lived In. . World Cultures Books

Both girls still love these books.  Cuddle Bug (10) really enjoyed learning about places in the world, especially what kids in other countries are named and what they do for fun.  I think these books are a great way to supplement and bring to life our world geography studies.

The only thing they didn’t like, and this is minor, is the tense of the book.  Roman writes all of the books as, “you would.”  For instance, in the Kenya book, Roman writes, “When friends came to visit, you would most certainly insist that you all go to the Maasai Mara National Reserve in southwestern Kenya.”  For sentences like this, both girls would insist, “How does she know that’s what we’d do?  We might do something else.”

Again, this is minor and just a little quirk for my girls.  (And in all our previous years reading these books, they never mentioned it!)

Final Thoughts

In our family, we believe teaching kids about other countries and cultures is vital.  From the time kids are young, an easy and fun way to do this is to read the If You Were Me and Lived In. . .Cultures Around the World books.  They have been a staple in our house and will continue to be, especially this year while we study world geography.

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