I like Olive Garden’s minestrone soup and breadsticks, but the last time my husband and I had date night there, the food seemed very salty, and we haven’t been back since. So, when I found recipes on recipezaar for Copycat Olive Garden Minestrone Soup and another for Olive Garden breadsticks, I knew I had to try them.

I used several bags of vegetables from my freezer that I had stored since last July. They were a bit freezer burnt, which did not enhance the flavor of the soup. It was still edible, but not Olive Garden quality.

My big fail came with the breadsticks. The recipe only required 1 tsp. of yeast, which didn’t seem like enough for 2 cups of flour. And, the recipe didn’t say anything about the temperature of water to add, so I added lukewarm water to be safe. Now, the recipe could be at fault, or perhaps it was me, or my yeast package that was already open and several months old. Whatever the cause, my sad little breadsticks never doubled in size as they rested; in fact their size never changed.

My husband was hungry, and after waiting 40 minutes for the dough to rise, he suggested I just go ahead and cook them up in the oven. They still never expanded!! They came out as hard little breadsticks that had the texture of a rock.

I was all excited about this meal and was going to post it on my Friday recipe section. I am still posting it today, but as a frugal flop.

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