As I’ve mentioned, I currently have my kids in online, public school.  For one child, this is a fantastic option, and I hope that child continues on with this type of schooling next year.  For another child it’s an okay option for now, and I plan for this child to finish the academic year at the online school.  For the third child, this type of schooling is a disaster.  This child is a hands-on learner and dyslexic, so the intensive reading, writing and testing format of the online public school just does not work.  I’m seriously considering pulling this child out of the online school and homeschooling again.

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Meanwhile, to make this type of schooling more bearable, I’m supplementing heavily, and one place we’re using to find more fun, hands on activities is  If you’re interested in, you can join 7,500 satisfied homeschool families with their Ultimate Annual Yearly Membership, now just $90 a year (a savings of $89 a year) with the discount codes CREWFOLLOWER for the annual membership.


Courses We’re Using

We’re using two courses to provide more hands on experiences for my tactile learner.

Hands on Architecture

One class that we’ve really enjoyed is Hands on Architecture.  This course is for students in 3rd to 7th grade and each lesson has a hands-on activity, perfect for my kinesthetic learner.  The course is divided into three units:  Structures, Homes, and Zoos.  Each unit has nine or ten lessons.

In our first week, my child used marshmallows and toothpicks to make structures and determine which shapes are the strongest.  The next activity had her make structures out of straws.  I confess, the activities were scheduled weekly, but she had so much fun, we did these activities twice a week.

Elementary Art is constantly evolving and making the experience of using their site better.  One way they’re doing this is through interactive content, which Elementary Art uses.  This course is broken into three parts–Twelve Great Artists, Lessons in Self-Portraits, and Advent Art.  We’re currently in the first part, Twelve Great Artists, which covers 12 famous artists:

  • Michelangelo
  • Picasso
  • van Gogh
  • O’Keefe
  • Bingham
  • Cassatt
  • Wood
  • Rembrandt
  • Renoir
  • Warhol
  • da Vinci
  • Monet

For week one, my little artist had to lay on her back, with a chair above her with a piece of paper taped to it and draw a picture as Michelangelo likely had to do when painting the Sistine Chapel.  She loved this activity and developed a true appreciation for how hard it would be to work like this.

She’s normally a very good artist, but lying on her back with her arm cramping as she held it up to draw, she struggled to create a good picture.  She laughed about how “horrible” her drawing was.

Other Resources We Use


As I mentioned in a previous review of, this site has over 450 videos available including one of our personal favorites, Drive Thru History.

Both Drive Thru History: American History and Drive Thru History: Ancient History are available for a limited time.  In addition, you can find courses in a wide range of subjects from fun shows for kids to art, apologetics, Bible, electives, foreign languages, geography, history, language arts, math, marriage, mission & persecution, music, parents, science, and video courses, including another one of our favorites, ArtAchieve, also available for a limited time.

We’re having so much fun with that when I pull my child out of school, hopefully in the next week or two, we may just use this for most of our curriculum this year, especially since we’ll begin homeschooling again mid-year.

If you need enrichment activities or even a full curriculum, consider, especially during the sale!

Have you used  If so, what are your favorite courses and resources?

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