A few days before my son went on spring break, I was talking with some other kids’ parents.  They were planning getaway spring breaks.  One was flying to San Antonio to stay in their time share, another was flying to Fort Lauderdale.

As much as I would have liked to have taken a vacation on spring break, we did not for two reasons:

1.) it is simply not in the budget (at all!)

2.) my husband’s spring break was a week prior, so he was back to school teaching.

Unfortunately it was cold and windy most of spring break week, but we still found ways to keep busy. 

-My son loves to take baths, but he is usually so busy with after school activities and homework that he usually has to take a shower.  He enjoyed a nice leisurely bath where he could play with his snorkeling toy I bought on clearance last summer at CVS.

-On the one nice day, we went to the zoo using our yearly season pass.  This pass costs $108 a year, but we go several times during the year, and it saves us from paying $8 in parking every time.  We packed a snack and made an afternoon of it.

-We visited the library twice.  My son enjoyed playing educational games on the computer there, and he checked out and read a Magic School Bus chapter book.  I had no idea his reading had improved so quickly!

-We had to buy a new vacuum last week (I’ll try to post about that later in the week), and I kept the box.  My kids played with that for one to two hours at a time for three days.

-I had bought a Spiderman activity book and a writing practice book last summer at a garage sale and stashed it away.  I let my son use those when the girls were napping.

-We also played several games of Uno while the girls slept.  Now that he is nearly 7 and has advanced from Cherry-O, it is even more fun to play games with him.

-We checked out Ice Age and Horton Hears a Who at the library and watched them together.

We didn’t spend a lot of money or go any where special, but we all had fun.  There are ways to enjoy a frugal spring break.

(Can I just say how in awe I am of the home schooling parents who are also able to keep up a blog and write!  Watching my 6, 2 and nearly one year old kept me so busy I had a hard time keeping up with the house work, let alone blogging!)

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