Tires2911742343_5710d8736e_mAs Facebook fans know, my husband and I have been looking high and low to find money to replace our nearly bald tires.

We started saving in the middle of January, but we felt pressure because we were driving to Michigan at the end of February to help take care of my mom as she recovers from knee replacement surgery.

Where we live, we could’ve gone a few more months on bald tires–we’ve only got 10 inches of snow this entire winter, and the roads are maintained wonderfully.

At my mom’s, well, that is a different story.  The trip to her house in winter usually requires driving through lake effect snow that can make the roads slippery at best, treacherous at worst.  Plus, she lives in the country, so it’s almost guaranteed her road will be icy because now they just plow but don’t salt the roads.

While we were trying to save for tires, we were also saving for our big, hairy, audacious goal of paying for Japanese school, so we really didn’t have much money to work with.

Here is how we raised the money:

Selling kids’ clothes on eBay round 1:  $220  This is the amount raised after deducting eBay fees, shipping, and PayPal fees.  I also made a dent in our basement clutter, so it was a win win.

Turning in loose change:  $50  We have a jar where we always throw our lose changes.  It was a little more than half full, so I cashed it in.

Selling kids’ stuff at Once Upon a Child:  $10  This was a less than thrilling experience.  They rejected most of my stuff and then gave me a pittance for what they did take.  Still, I was glad to be rid of the clutter and to have $10 more in the fund.

A large extra job:  $120  Normally this money would go in our Japanese school fund, but at this point our trip was only two weeks away, so I thought it was best to put all of this money toward tires.

Selling kids’ clothes on eBay round 2:  $75  Ebay had a President’s Day special–all fixed price listings were free to insert, so I relisted what I had listed before that didn’t sell and some of my son’s clothes I hadn’t had time to list before.

A rebate check from the hospital:  $108  This is too funny.  Just when we thought we wouldn’t have enough money, we received a rebate check from our hospital from way back in 2010!  They said that we had overpaid when we brought our son in to be checked for a concussion.  Thank you!

Two small extra jobs:  $50  Finally, money from two small extra jobs sealed the deal.

There is a reason many people are in credit card debt.  It’s so much easier to just swipe the card and worry about it later.

Still, raising the cash to pay for the purchase beforehand feels really good!  Even better, we were also able to meet our monthly savings goal for Japanese school.  We’re very grateful everything worked out.

By the way, as luck would have it, we just returned from staying at my mom’s and managed to make our three day trip between snow storms, so I guess we would have been okay on bald tires, but I’m glad this expense, at least, is taken care of.

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Photo courtesy of Leo-seta on Flickr.

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