As I mentioned earlier today, we have a lot of debt to pay off.  However, I also have a great deal of weight to lose, and I want to do it in a healthy manner.

Recently we have been receiving organic produce delivered to our house for $56 a week.

When my husband and I looked at the budget last weekend, he expressed concern over weekly deliveries at a cost of $224 a month.  I understand his concern, but I also know that having this produce fill up our refrigerator motivates me to find new, healthy ways to cook so I make sure to use up the veggies and not waste them.  I would probably never buy this much produce at the grocery store, so we have been eating several more fruit and veggie servings a day than we used to.

To keep us both happy, I plan to have the organic produce delivered to our home 3 weeks of the month.  During those three weeks, I will freeze whatever extra I have.  (I received kale a few weeks ago, and half of it is in our freezer.  I also received broccoli this week, and I plan to blanch it and freeze it for future use.)  If I put a little aside in the freezer for each of the 3 weeks of delivery, I should have quite a bit for the off week when we don’t get a delivery.  Also, I can round out our veggie servings that week with cheap, non-organic frozen veggies.

In addition, I have just joined Costco and plan to bulk buy our rice, soy and almond milk purchase.  The prices for those milks are much lower at Costco.  So, I am hoping to spend $168 a month on the organic produce, $75-$100 a month on bulk supplies at Costco such as our milks and large bags of flour and yeast for homemade bread and oatmeal for breakfasts, and the remaining $100 to $130 for use at traditional grocery stores.  Hopefully, using this strategy I will be able to feed my family healthy, nourishing, homemade foods and drop our grocery bill a little.

Readers, what are your favorite ways to save on healthy staples and produce?

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