I created this blog so that I can relearn how to be frugal. My husband and I were fairly good at frugality early in our marriage, but as my income increased and we became busier, we lived a life of convenience, and, from the frugal perspective, decadence.

I remember one summer we learned about an all you can eat sushi buffet. How much was this buffet? Oh, $25 a person. Despite the price, we went many times that summer. I would say at least 8 times. $400.

We used to air dry our clothes, but we gave that up because in the winter months they took too long to dry inside our apartment. At least three years we dried all of our clothes. $468.

We routinely spent roughly $440 on groceries a month for the past 5 years, when I now know we could have easily cut that down the $350 by just shopping around. $5400.

I bought an exercise bike to get in shape, but I only used it for 3 months because it was so uncomfortable. $500

We moved up to a two bedroom apartment from a one bedroom apartment a year before my son was born. We could have easily stayed in our one bedroom apartment for that year I was pregnant. The rent for the two bedroom was $900; it was $650 for the one bedroom. $3000.

My husband’s family was coming from overseas to visit after our son was born. We would have had to rent a van, and since we had been contemplating buying a mini van anyway, we went ahead and purchased one even though our little car would have worked for another year or two. Our car payment jumped from $250 to $470. Just in year’s time, that is $2640. (We did work very hard and paid off the minivan in 3.5 years instead of the 5 years on the loan.)

These are just some of the big examples that come to mind; I am sure that there were many, many little instances of squandering money that would also add up.

The good news is that now we are much more conscious of our spending. Still, it is interesting to reflect on the ways money slipped through our hands when we stopped practicing frugality.

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