Kids collect video games these days, the way they used to collect baseball cards. They wait impatiently for the next release of whatever game is hot at that moment. The games pile up and up and storage becomes an issue. Recycle your children’s unwanted video games to make room for the next round and make a few bucks doing it.

There are several options to recycling kids’ video games. You can sell games, donate them, or simply toss them. Throwing video games away is not a reasonable option; they are not made of a biodegradable plastic, nor are they a plastic commonly recycled through normal community recycling programs. So, what to do? The simple solution is to sell but you might ask how?

Yard Sales
Having a yard sale is a great way to sell off unwanted items and video games are certainly part of any yard sale equation. Collecting your video games and cataloging them is a good place to start. Do a little homework and determine which ones are worth the most. Sort them by age, genre and title to make selling easier. Create a colorful display and have a complete inventory list to help you manage your sales. Price each game individually and consider “package deals”, such as buy two get one free. Be sure to be competitive on your pricing.

Friends and Family
Create a friends and family network for selling, swapping and recycling your children’s video games. Catalog and label each game with your information and the appropriate age and genre of the game. Creating a spreadsheet on your computer is the fastest and easiest way to manage a list such as this. When a game is lent to another family member or friend, note where it went and when. If you sell a game to a member of your swap network, note that as well on your spreadsheet.

Retail Selling
Many game stores will buy used video games. They don’t pay a premium by any stretch but the games will be out of your house and very shortly in someone else’s. Selling your games at retail does require a bit of work as well. They must have the original case and just as if you were selling merchandise to a pawnshop, identification for someone over the age of 18 will be required.

Online Selling
Online selling of video games has gained in popularity over the last several years. Ebay, Craigslist and other online classified or auction sites are generally easy to use as far as setting up an account and placing your advertisement. The drawback is payment terms and shipping. You have to coordinate payment and you will be responsible for shipping. Payment is generally not an issue since most people have a Pay Pal account. However, you will pay a fee to Pay Pal for receiving payments. Shipping will require specialized mailing envelopes, postage and a trip to the post office for shipment. Cost of mailing goes way beyond the postage. Local pick-up is not often an option when selling online.

As you can see, there are options to disposing your children’s unwanted video games. Doing so will require some level of involvement from the parents and if the kids haven’t been very good about taking care of the games and their original packaging, your options for sale may be diminished. Take an afternoon and sort through the kids’ games and see what will be the best choice for your family.

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