Last week, my husband and I decided to watch How to Live Forever.

This was one of the most interesting movies I’ve watched for quite some time.

The Main Themes of the Movie

The overreaching theme of this movie was an important one:  live your life now and enjoy.  The people in this film embraced every day and were fully involved.  One man who was in his 90s went out fishing every day, but his fishing involved diving into the water from his boat.  It looked quite strenuous, especially for a man his age, but he could handle it.

In addition, these people didn’t wish away their future or worry about what would come next.  They were generally optimistic.

Finally, the vast majority had a passion that they pursued that was their reason to get up in the morning.  One elderly man made elaborate kites and flew them on the beach everyday.

Throwing Out the Stereotypes

Typically, when we think of those in their 80s and 90s, we think of people with compromised health using walkers or other devices.  We may think of assisted living communities.

However, the elderly in this movie threw all those stereotypes away.  The most fascinating one to me was a surgeon who didn’t look his age of 94.  He was spry, mentally sharp, and he still worked in the operating room several times a week.  He said that he’d stopped telling people his age before operating because it made them nervous.

The people in this film were from all walks of life and had different lifestyles.  One woman who was 100 insisted on her daily martini.  Another had smoked almost all his life.

However, the film creators did spend some time looking at the groups with healthier lifestyles.

They looked at the people of Okinawa where living to 100 is not unusual.  Not only is their diet an extremely healthy one, but they also get plenty of exercise in their daily lives.  Although my husband is not from Okinawa, when we went to visit his family years ago, I was surprised how spry his grandpa was.  He was in his 90s when I met him, but he easily sat on the floor and got right up with no difficulty.  He went to the garden every day and had a fairly busy life.

The researchers also looked at the Seventh Day Adventist to see what made their lifestyles healthier.

If you’d like to know how to live forever, or if you fear death and spend too much time worrying about it, this is the movie for you.

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