Christmas is only a few days away, and if you are like most, you will have holiday parties to attend.  In my family, we all get together in the evening.  There are often more desserts on the table than wholesome foods.  I attribute this to the influence of my grandma, who would just as soon eat a Little Debbie Swiss Cake roll for her meal or snack.  This love of sweets was passed to her kids, who passed it to their kids, and well, there we all sit Christmas night with chocolate cookies, Snickerdoodles, fudge, buckeyes, pie, and other treats just waiting for the taking.

My son has quite a reaction to sugar; he just goes wild after eating it.  Add to that all the fun he has with his cousins, and well, it isn’t a pretty picture. 

We have been trying to teach him about healthy eating, and one way we do that is by having him help me cook in the kitchen.  For our Christmas party this year, I plan to have him help me make a healthy appetizer.  He really liked the Easy Guacamole Dip we made together from his Mom and Me Cookbook, so I plan to make that with him.  Then, we will serve it with nachos and veggies. 

I realize that my son will also want some sweets, so I also plan to make a healthier cookie with him.  Earlier in the week we made Thumb Print Cookies, which contain some fairly healthy ingredients such as whole wheat flour, almonds and all fruit jam.  They are still cookies, but they are a cookie I can feel better about him eating.  My plan is that he will eat a few of these cookies and then only a little bit of the sugary sweet desserts that will grace the table.

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