This guest post is from Marissa at Thirty Six Months. She is a GEN Y PF blogger .

 I am a big believer in donating or working with non profits. I find that the needs that they have are never really met with the funding that is provided to them and they rely mostly on private donations to be able to continue providing the selfless service that they provide.

All throughout high school and university I volunteered at different agencies. I volunteered mostly because I didn’t have enough money to donate and also because sometimes agencies just need an extra hand to help out.  You would be surprised at how grateful agencies are for their volunteers; not only do volunteers raise public awareness for their cause, but they are also passionate about the work that they do and recruit others to come out as well. I know I did that.

I know a lot of you don’t have a great deal of time or the money  to donate to cause.   However, there are different means of making a difference that don’t extensively involve either.

  1. Donate your used goods. A lot of agencies have garage/yard sales to raise funds . This is a great way to reduce clutter at home and help out a worthy cause.
  2. Bake sale. My sister’s school does these amazing cake bake sales where the students bake the cakes and staff and other students bid on each cake. Not only does it raise 10X the amount of money that was initially invested, but the students who are involved learn a valuable lesson.
  3. Volunteer on a Board. A lot of agencies can use the guidance of someone in the private sector for different roles. The time commitment is minimal, especially if it is a hand-off board, but the rewards are fantastic.
  4. Run in a charity race/marathon. You raise money and train to be more active. WIN-WIN

If you do have more time, there are tons of different things you can do in your community such as becoming a mentor, organizing fundraisers, working in a soup kitchen etc. My brother volunteers at the retirement home near our home teaching the elderly how to use the computer and send emails and such. The elderly LOVE him and have started a signed up sheet  to take turns for his time.

There are many benefits of being involved least of which is being able to network and meet people from parts of the city. The most important thing I wanted to stress is how simple it is to work with non profit. Not everything in life involves money being thrown at it; sometimes giving time is the best gift of all.

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