As many of my readers know, my husband and I have begun in earnest to pay down $57,000 in debt, a combination of credit card and student loan debt.  At Beating Broke this week, I share my experiences and some strategies we are using to avoid frugal fatigue:

What Gazelle Intense Looks Like for Us

At the urging of everyone around us, we began to follow Dave Ramsey.  Because we do not yet own a house but would like to in the next 3 to 5 years, we decided to become Gazelle Intense, as Dave Ramsey says.  What does gazelle intense look like for us?  My husband is gone to work and away from the house for 10 hours a day.  After spending an hour with the kids when he comes home, he works on his dissertation and articles for publication for a few hours a night.  I stay home with the kids all day and blog, do virtual assistant work and freelance writing when the kids are napping and after they go to bed.  On the weekend, I typically leave the house for about 4 hours on both Saturday and Sunday to get more freelance work done.  I estimate that I am working 25 hours a week from home, and my husband is putting in another 20 hours a week at home doing work that will further his career and hopefully lead to a high paying, tenure track job in a few years.

Gazelle Intensity Works!

Our hard work is paying off. . .

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