This is part two of a three part series.  To see Part 1: Write It Down, go here.

We talked last time about how setting goals for yourself and writing them down can increase your productivity and the likelihood that you will accomplish your goals, whether they are personal, financial, career, etc.

Once you set down your overall goals, it is important to break them down into smaller steps.  For instance, my goals for my e-book look like this:

June 1st:  Launch the e-book

Steps to accomplish this
February 15th:  Write an outline

February 28th:  Finish the first draft

March 1st:  Send the rough draft to the first group of reviewers

March 15th:  Get the drafts back and revise

March 21st:  Hire someone to design the cover & the button

March 29th – 31st:  Work on formatting

April 5th:  Send out review copies to the second group of reviewers

April 16th:  Write a post about the upcoming e-book

April 20th:  Gather all critiqued review copies and work on revisions

May 5th:  Send out the final copy for reviews and giveaways

May 8th:  Write a sales page for the e-book

May 10th:  Post about the e-book and explain how people can become affiliates

May 18th:  Have a soft launch of the book

June 1st:  Have the official launch of the e-book

I can guarantee without this type of guide that reminds me what I need to do at what time, the e-book will never be completed by June 1st.  It is just too easy to put tasks off without a structured time frame to complete them.

By writing down the steps to accomplishing my goal of producing an e-book, I have committed myself to them.  That means if it is May 8th and I still need to finish the sales page, I know I have to hunker down and focus solely on that so I can get it done by my deadline.

However, I am also depending on other people for reviews and critiquing, so I have tried to give myself enough reasonable cushion in the timeline for the unexpected.  There is no point in writing it down if the goal is not realistically attainable.

Writing down the goal is only one step of the process; directing yourself as to how you will complete the process is just as important.

Have you accomplished a large goal by writing it down step-by-step for yourself?  Would you have accomplished it at all or as quickly if you hadn’t written it down?

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