We have all heard the advice that if you want to accomplish your goals, you should write them down, but do you actually do it?

I am a big proponent of writing down goals.  Putting my goals down on paper helps me to focus and to make them a priority.  While my husband is not as goal oriented as I am, he still sits down with me sometimes to map out goals that affect both of us. 

In the beginning of January, we wrote down some goals for my blog for 2011.  Here are a few of them:

-Write an e-book and distribute it

-Get my Alexa rank below 100,000

-Guest post on one to two blogs a month

If I didn’t write down my goals, I am sure many of them would never transpire.  For instance, writing an e-book is a huge undertaking.  For the last 6 weeks, my 10.5 month old daughter has been sleeping poorly; first it was the four top teeth that erupted all at once, then it was a nasty cold she just recovered from.  I am sleep deprived.  It would be easy to put off the e-book until “life settles down.”  The problem with that rational is that life, especially life with three small children, never settles down.  There is no perfect moment.  Yet because the e-book is on my list of goals, I work on it a little each day. 

However, as useful as it is to write down goals, my guess is that less than 50% of people do it.

Why?  Perhaps they think they don’t have the time or that they can remember the things they need to accomplish without writing them down.

The simple truth is, it takes just a little bit of time to write down your goals, maybe an hour max.  And yes, you may have a general idea of what you need to accomplish, but when life gets chaotic, it is easy to put those items on the back burner.  You can’t do that as easily when the goals are set with pen down on paper.

Do you set goals for yourself?  If you do set goals, do you find you are more likely to accomplish them?

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