100_5061We have a limited income, but quite a bit of money goes for our kids.  Until just this year, Bookworm had attended private schools all his life, first at a Montessori language school and then at a parochial school.  We briefly also sent Peanut Butter and Jelly Girl to the language school for preschool last year, and this summer all three kids went there.

To say that we would have a lot more money if we hadn’t had kids is an understatement.  Still, we love them, our lives are richer thanks to them (emotionally, not financially :)), and we’re glad to have them.  We also want to provide the best possible education for them.

So, when I read the headline, “Here’s How to Spend $6,240 Per Month on Two Children,” I just had to read the article.  My interest was two fold–first, because my husband and I spend a lot on our children, and second, because we don’t even make $6,240 a month, let alone spend it all on our kids!

The article stated that the reason this couple was able to spend so much on their kids was because they scrimped and saved everywhere else.  They have few gadgets, her wedding ring is a $25 band, and she never dyes her hair.  They haven’t taken a vacation in 6 years.

So, tell me, how much do you sacrifice for your kids?  How much are you willing to do without?

Do you think this couple has misplaced priorities, or do you admire what they’re doing for their children?

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