As many of you know, I am doing a pantry challenge at the same time we have taken my two year old off all dairy to test for a dairy intolerance.  She got almost all of her protein from dairy, so we are looking to find alternatives.  While she won’t eat chicken or turkey off the bone, she loves them on the bone, particularly the drumsticks. 

Last week I saw a nearly 8 pound whole chicken marked down to $4.96.  I also needed chicken broth that week, so I opted instead to buy the whole chicken and make my own broth.  This chicken stretched much further than I thought it ever would!

On the night we cooked it, my daughter enjoyed her drumstick, and we all had chicken along with mashed potatoes and mixed veggies.  My husband cut off nice white meat slices for his lunch and my son’s.  They each had two lunches from this.

We enjoyed Bean Soup with Chicken and Veggies for one meal, and there was enough leftover that I put one meal size serving in the freezer to eat in a few weeks.  There are also enough leftovers in the refrigerator to make a meal for two of us.

Next, we enjoyed a meal of Slow Cooker African Stew.  There was one portion leftover that I ate for lunch the next day.

Finally, we made homemade chicken stock.  It made four ice cube trays full!  I have been using this yummy chicken stock in the soup recipes I have been making this week.  I can’t believe how much tastier this is than the canned variety.

I have never cooked a whole chicken before, but now that I have, I am going to try to always buy whole chicken when it is .79 a pound or less.  Who knew it would stretch this far?  This was a frugal change that was easy to make.

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