I was watching TV last night when I saw a commercial that said something like, “Looking for your own bailout? Stimulate your summer with a new pool!”

In the last few weeks, I have noticed the words “bailout” and “stimulus” every where in advertising, most notably for food. A popular fast food chain is advertising two breakfast sandwiches that will “stimulate your appetite.”

Yesterday I walked by a locally-owned restaurant that was advertising that their outside patio eating area is now open. Then the bottom of the ad claimed the restaurant would “stimulate” the local economy. Look around, you will see these words in advertising more times than you can count.

Enough already. Do advertisers think consumers are that stupid? Oh, all of the big companies have gotten bailouts, so I need a bailout by buying a pool? It doesn’t even make sense.

Part of the reason the citizens of the United States are having so many difficulties is because we haven’t saved enough. The urge to buy, the temptation through advertising, is always there. That is why it is even worse to see advertisers using words that are representative of our current crisis to try to tempt us to go down the path that caused many of the problems to begin with.

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