For the last few months, ever since I returned to work, our lives have been chaotic and I have become very unorganized. Starting in August, I returned to work full-time; during that time, I have also been trying to give my husband ample time to work on his dissertation so he can graduate, taking care of two kids, trying to save money, running my eBay store, etc.

E-bay through me for a huge loop by pulling down all listings that do not have a return policy. I should have been able to bulk update, but because I needed to fix all my templates to reflect another policy change they made a few months ago, I could not bulk update. I had to update each listing manually. Because I have 2400 items in my store, that adds up to A LOT of time. (I am still not done!)

In addition, we found out we are going to have our third child in April. This is truly a blessing, and we are very happy. However, because I started feeling all of the effects of the first trimester right when I returned to work—nausea, sleepiness, etc—it through our schedule for a loop.

Here is how being unorganized and too busy these past few months has cost us:

–I recently discovered my $10 off your next order for Jewel expired 4 days ago.

–I found $4 ECBs that had expired

–While I am stacking up all of my coupon inserts, I have not clipped them since August and have not realized very many savings from them. Who knows how much I could have saved if I had diligently used coupons.

–We have a $17 subscription to Blockbuster for monthly deliveries, but we have not watched a movie since early summer. I need to cancel this!

–We have eaten out, albeit at cheaper restaurants, much more frequently than we used to.

–The library just called and said I have a magazine out that was due October 10th. I didn’t remember that and have no idea now where the magazine is!

–Instead of making my own baby food as I did in the summer, I had to resort to store bought baby food frequently the last few weeks. Luckily, she is eating table food almost entirely now.

These are just a few ways being unorganized and too busy has cost us money. I am sure there are more, but I can’t think of them all now!

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