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Public schools started this past Monday, so starting next week, the girls will be going to speech twice a week again, and then in September, all of our other activities will begin.  That means we have about 3 more weeks to enjoy the peace and quiet of summer, which we’ve been doing.

Fun Activities

IMG_5995The kids all played together with Legos for a few hours.  This is unheard of for my kids because they never play cooperatively for a few hours, and Bookworm doesn’t like the girls to play with his toys, but this time he shared willingly.  Will wonders never cease?

We saw our last summer movie, Dolphin Tale 2, which we all enjoyed.  My husband came along; the kids liked having dad go, too.

I’ve been teaching Bookworm to cook this summer.  He can now make Mueseli, and he’s made Tuna Noodle Casserole with me several times this summer.  Next time, I’m going to have him make it himself.


School Work

Bookworm is racing through his Veritas Press history.  We’ve been reading the corresponding literature selections, but I can’t keep up with the read alouds at the pace that he’s going with history, so we’ve just decided to read a chapter or two of the book selections each day knowing we’ll finish the books after he finishes history.  I figured he’d be done with the history program by December, but now I think it will be earlier.


We did just finish Iron Scouts of the Confederacy, which we both really enjoyed.  We learned how the song TAPS was created, and we even learned that there are words to the melody, something I didn’t know before.

IMG_5983Bookworm worked on another Civil War figure from Famous Figures of the Civil War.  This time he made a Confederate soldier.  The girls decided to get in on the action and colored, cut out, and put together Harriet Beecher Stowe and Clara Barton.  All I did was laminate the pieces and punch holes in them.  The girls did everything else, which impressed me.

How was your week this week?

Dad got into the homeschooling act this weekend by working on teaching the girls Japanese using the program Teach Me Japanese.  The girls seemed to enjoy it.


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