It’s been awhile since I’ve done a wrap up.  I wish I had something exciting to share, but, well, not so much.


In week 11, Bookworm finished up his first quarter of 6th grade.

He’s flying through his Veritas Press history, so my husband and I had several discussions about which history program to use next.  After a few nights of research, we decided on this history program.  New it costs $104, but I found the complete set on eBay for $50.  I’m hoping it comes in the next week so I can start planning and be ready when Bookworm finishes Veritas Press (by the end of September, I’m sure!)

The Sickness Cometh

Mid-week in week 12, some weird stomach flu/cold took down Cuddle Bug for 3 days.  She had a 102 degree fever and was very lethargic.  The couch was her best friend.  There may or may not have been lots and lots of television for her.

Just when Cuddle Bug recovered, Bookworm got it.  He was only down for the count for 2 days, and he, too, may have watched lots and lots of television.

We had a brief 12 hour respite when no child was sick. . .until it hit PB & J Girl.  She’s been down and out for two days now.  I’m hoping she will be better tomorrow because she hasn’t been able to keep down any food or liquids for 48 hours.  She’s naturally very thin, so I can notice any drop in her weight right away.

These last 1.5 weeks, not much has gotten done.

¿Spanish?  ¡Sí!

We are managing to squeeze in a little school, though.  The girls are trying out a fun Spanish program (more details on that to come), and Bookworm is trying out a middle school Spanish program.  I really want all three kids to learn Spanish, so I’m glad they’re liking the programs so far.

My Home Project

On a different note, a few weeks ago I noticed a welcome sign on the side of our house that was badly sun faded.  (Yes, neither my husband nor I remember noticing the sign before.  It must have been the previous owners’ that they left when we bought the house.)

So, I hand painted it.  Now, I’m not an artist by any means, so while it might not look that good up close, it looks good from the street.  🙂

Here’s the before:


And the after:


How is your week going?

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