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We enjoyed a fairly quiet week at home this week.  We got a lot accomplished and also had fun learning through food.  (Always a favorite way to learn!)

Fun Activities

???????????????????????????????We skipped the movies this week because the movie showing was a bit too advanced for our younger two.  Instead, the girls created a “geography club” that consisted of putting together the giant USA state puzzle we bought a few weeks ago.

I also bought some Halloween costumes for them on clearance last year, so, after several weeks of being mostly stuck indoors thanks to the hot weather, I pulled them out.  The girls had a great time playing and dancing in them.  Every day this week they were in them.

School Work

We’re just here, chugging along.  I’m expecting we’ll finish our first quarter sometime in early August.  I’ll be so glad to have 1/4 of the school year done before we get busy with our new co-op and other activities in the fall.

The girls have been working on their math facts using Uber Smart Math Facts and Xtra Math.

We’ve finished reading Meet Caroline.  Now, we moved on to Meet Kirsten.  I really like these American Girl books because PB & J Girl doesn’t usually like to listen to read alouds, but she loves hearing these.  Plus, the stories lead to discussions about history and geography, so that’s a bonus.  Next year, I plan to start using Girls of American History for a history curriculum for the girls since it centers around these books.

IMG_5850Remember how we finished studying the Oregon Trail?  Well, I found a book at the library, Oregon Trail Cooking, and we made a simple meal out of it made of only potatoes, peas, and bacon.  It was surprisingly tasty.  The kids really liked it; I think it might become a regular lunch staple.

IMG_5830Bookworm is still really enjoying With Lee in Virginia and so am I.  I find myself wanting to listen ahead just to see what will  happen!

IMG_5853We also continue to enjoy Bookworm’s new science curriculum.  This week, one of the experiments we did was to fill an empty water bottle with hydrogen peroxide and yeast.  Then we covered the bottle with a balloon, and the chemical reaction filled the balloon with oxygen.  Fun!

We’re taking today off school so we can have a three day weekend for the 4th of July.

How was your week?

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