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These summer days are just flying by!  We’re now two weeks down with our curriculum.  I’m hoping to get in a solid 12 weeks before we get busy again in the fall and I have to cut our workload down a bit and stretch it out over a longer period of time.

Fun Activities

We went with some homeschool friends to go see Rio 2 at the movie theater.  I bought a 10 ticket pass for each of the kids for $5 each.  If we went to all of the movies, that would be .50 a movie per kid.  Not bad!  However, the girls are still a bit young, so we’re only going to be able to go to about 5 of the movies.  The other movies are ones with content I don’t think they’re quite ready for.  Still, it works out to $1 a movie, which I can’t complain about.

IMG_5758We also worked on a Father’s Day present and counted that as our art curriculum for the week.  (More details about that coming on Monday.)

School Work

Our family has just one car.  Usually, the kids and I drop my husband off at the bus station and pick him up in the afternoon.  However, now that our schedule is slower, I’ve been having my husband take the car two days a week.  We get to stay home (!), and we get so much work done.  I love this schedule.  I’m not sure we’ll be able to do this in the fall once we’re busier, but for now, I’m enjoying the driving reprieve, especially when it’s so hot.

Quiet Time

On the days that my husband has the car, the kids and I have been having “quiet time” for 30 minutes in the afternoon, after snack and all other work is done.  Bookworm and PB & J Girl go to their rooms and read.  Cuddle Bug sits next to me on the couch, and we each read independently.  Cuddle Bug can’t read yet, so she just looks at the pictures, as does PB & J Girl, though she’s getting better at reading basic stories.

Let me tell you, “quiet time” is a little piece of Heaven.  You know the bliss of putting a baby or toddler down for a nap and having a little bit of time for yourself to recharge and just relax?  Well, quiet time has given me that feeling back.  I love having 30 minutes in the middle of the day to read a book, even if we are only doing it one or two times a week.

IMG_5764Bookworm has picked up Veritas Press’ history again, and I was able to buy the accompanying books from another homeschool mom.  Right now, he’s learning about Westward Expansion.  Our current read aloud book is Bound for Oregon.

IMG_5766The girls and I are reading an American Girl story, Caroline’s Secret Message.  PB & J Girl doesn’t much care for chapter books, but she is very interested in this one, I think because she enjoys the pictures of the fancy dresses and hairstyles.


Neither Bookworm nor I care for science much.  That’s just always been one of those subjects that feels like pulling teeth.  However, for 6th grade, we’re using Behold & See 6, and so far we’re really enjoying it.  Almost every day Bookworm has an experiment to conduct, but they are short, sweet, and to the point.

IMG_5759This week one of his experiments was comparing an egg in water (it sank) to an egg in salt water (the water is pink because we only had pink Himalyan sea salt at home), where it floats.  All the kids liked this experiement.

IMG_5738The kids also got a bit of a natural science presentation with this Wolf spider that stayed on our outside wall for the better part of a day.  Yuck!

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