We’ve gone a few years without needing any dental work beyond the basic cleaning every 6 months, but in the last few weeks, that’s all changed.

I had a problem with a swollen and sore gum area.  I went to one dentist in January who said he thought the problem was that I had a filling on the side of that tooth and maybe it wasn’t smooth, so it was irritating the gum.  He filed down the filling, but that didn’t help.

Then he sent me to a periodontist who did root planing and scaling and said the swollen gum was because of a vein that was like a varicose vein in my gum.  She cauterized it.  Five weeks later, it’s not as painful, but the swollen area is still there, and it’s irritated and sore.

We found a new dentist we liked better who did a pulp test and said that the tooth was dead and that I needed a root canal.  We’ll see if that solves the problem.

PB & J Girl also needed 8 cavities filled.  (Her cavities were in between molars, so they affected the teeth on either side.)

Bookworm had to have two fillings.

My husband has to have three fillings, and because one of the cavities is underneath an existing filling, he’ll also need to have a crown.

The last few weeks we’ve spent a lot of time at the dentist, and we’ll have more appointments next week.

In between all of the dental fun, we did find time to do school, though that was sometimes at unconventional times.

Thursday & Friday

These two days we stayed largely at home and just hunkered down and did work.

I used to want to plow through our days so the kids could relax after 2 or 3 p.m., but I’m finding they do much better if I give them a 30 minute “recess” after lunch to play outside and have fun.  That means Bookworm’s day now ends at 3:30 or 4 p.m., but he enjoys recess.


No school this day.  We all took time to relax.


I helped Bookworm with school from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.  He had several assignments leftover from the week that he needed my help to complete.  My husband played with the girls, so I could work one-on-one with Bookworm.  Doing school on Sunday isn’t a favorite weekend activity, but sometimes you do what you have to.  We were very productive because we could work without interruptions.


My husband took the day off work so the whole family could go to the Sonoran Desert Museum as part of our field trip with our homeschool group.  I hope to write about the Desert Museum next week.  This museum is largely outdoors, and it’s rated the #1 attraction in Tucson.

???????????????????????????????The day we went rain was threatening, so the weather was cool, which was nice.  ???????????????????????????????We got to see javelinas, road runners, snakes, birds, mountain lions, bobcats, a porcupine, a gray fox, deer and a wolf.

???????????????????????????????We were able to watch the Raptor Free Flight.  Museum attendants release a few trained birds at a time who swoop down on either side of the crowds to eat food that has been carefully placed on tree branches.  Bookworm got some excellent, close up pictures of the birds.

After we got home, we ate lunch, and then I went to see the new dentist who told me I needed a root canal.  Not much traditional schooling was done today.


My kids go to P.E. once a week, but we missed almost all of February thanks to our many, many dental appointments.  We finally got to go back this week, and the kids really had fun.  I should say the older two really had fun.  Cuddle Bug always takes time to readjust after we haven’t been there for awhile.  Next week should be smoother.

We left P.E. a bit early so PB & J Girl could get her last cavities filled.  Now the kids’ dental work is complete.  Whew.

In the afternoon, we worked on bookwork until 4:30.  I was able to get everything done with the girls for the day, and Bookworm worked hard.


Ah.  A day completely spent at home.  I love days like this!

The girls and I were able to complete their daily work, and Bookworm worked hard.  Bookworm took a math test, took a Greek test, and wrote a report on Lourdes.  He also traced a map of France and wrote where Lourdes is on the map.  He finished two geography assignments, so he’s now ready for his geography quarterly exam.

It’s been a busy week, but we had fun!

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