I’m holding my breath here, but it looks like the dental appointments we had this week were among our last.   Yahoo!!  My husband has one more dental appointment at the end of the month, and then hopefully we’re done.

Well, with general dentists.  In a few weeks, Bookworm is going to have three orthodontist appointments–one per week for three week as we start phase 1 of his treatment–expanding his upper jaw.

But, overall, this week was a good homeschooling and family week!


I went to the endodontist in the morning and had a root canal.  I can’t even tell you what a big baby I am about dental work, especially work like a root canal.  However, the dentist was fantastic!  I didn’t even need any pain medicine afterward.

Luckily, it looks like the blister on my gums was caused by the dead tooth.  Each day since the root canal, it’s been getting smaller, so I’m hopeful it will be gone soon.

We did schoolwork in the afternoon.  PB & J wrote her very first sentence all on her own–“God sat on a cat.”  Odd, I know, but she put together most of the words she knows how to spell right now and made a sentence, so I’m happy about that.  🙂


This was another day of hunkering down and doing work.  (Love these days!!)

PB & J Girl is flying through her MUS Primer work.  I expect she’ll move into Alpha soon.  She really loves math.


???????????????????????????????My husband took the kids to a local parade and festival.  I thought they’d be gone about two hours, but they were gone almost four hours.  I got a lot of my work done for the weekend during that time.


Ah.  A day of family relaxation!


My husband took the car because he had a morning dental appointment for a crown.  We were home all day and got so much done.  Bookworm and I are reading The Journeyman together, which we’re both enjoying.  We’re nearing the end of Sonlight’s Core D, and I find that I’m sad to leave all of the good books behind, though there will be many more waiting for us in Sonlight’s Core E.


The kids had PE and then stayed to play in the park with other kids.  A little later, they had show-and-tell with the other kids.  Afterward, we stopped by the library to pick up some books that Bookworm had ordered.

We had about three hours of working time in the afternoon before picking up my husband.  Thankfully, Bookworm had worked ahead on Monday, so he was still on track and got all of his Tuesday work done.


We went to Mass, the girls’ speech class, and then we took the cat to the vet.  He had watery eyes, a runny nose, and was sneezing like crazy.  Turned out he had a kitty sinus infection.

After lunch and recess, Bookworm finished his Wednesday work.  (Again, he had gotten ahead on some of this work on Monday.)

???????????????????????????????The girls worked on math, and we did our Sonlight P4/5 reading.  Afterward, they made a huge tent.  PB & J is trying out a math program for TOS Review Crew.  After a certain number of successful lessons, she gets a reward.  Her reward on Tuesday was to have a camp out in the living room, so she built the tent in preparation for that.

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