We’ve had busy days for the last few weeks, so this week, it was nice to enjoy a slower pace.  The girls’ speech lessons were cancelled because it’s rodeo week and the schools are closed for rodeo.  We won’t go to the rodeo, but we were glad not to have to drive to speech two days this week.


On Sunday, Bookworm finished up some of his work from the week before that he hadn’t been able to finish because we were too busy last week.

???????????????????????????????Then, the kids and I did an experiment.  We bought a bunch of daisies and then put food dye in three different canning jars.  We put a bunch of the flowers in each jar and took guesses as to what would happen.  (I was surprised by just how slowly the flowers absorbed the dyes; three days later, they were only speckled with the dye.)


My husband stayed home to watch the girls, and Bookworm and I went to observe a homeschooling co-op.  We really liked it.  The co-op meets one day a week and offers both educational and extracurricular activities.  Some of the activities include science class, Tae Kwon Do, gymnastics, art, and English literature.  Bookworm sat in on a felting class and made a felted soap bar.

We’ll likely sign up for the co-op in the fall.

???????????????????????????????In the afternoon, we all worked together to plant an apricot tree in our backyard.  I’m hoping that it will produce apricots this year, but even if it doesn’t, it was a good lesson for the kids, and they had fun helping.

Some book work was done today, but not much.


This was a busy book work day.  The girls and I managed to do their math, Sonlight reading, phonics, and religion.  I was excited to hear PB & J Girl read her first sentence independently in a Bob book.

When I first started homeschooling, I wondered how in the world I would teach them to read, but thanks to The Logic of English, Foundations Level A, both girls are learning to read.  Yeah!

Bookworm read A Wrinkle in Time for classic book club this month, which also happened to be a book to study for his homeschool work, so today he took a test over the book.  He had to use 10 words from the book in sentences, write character descriptions and analysis for 8 characters, and write an essay.  This test took up a lot of his time, but he did great on it.

We also started reading aloud a new book we’re reviewing, which I can’t wait to write about soon.  He’s loving it.


We started the day with Mass.  When I went to Catholic school, I went to Mass twice a week.  When Bookworm went to Catholic school, he only went to Mass every other week.  Now, we try to go to Mass once during the weekdays, which I figure is a minimum most Catholic schools require.  (Bookworm’s old school was hopefully the exception.)

Once home, the girls and I got their reading done, and then I helped Bookworm with another program we’re reviewing, this one studying Greek to understand English vocabulary better.  We had lunch, spent some time outdoors enjoying the weather, and got back to work.

Since Bookworm is almost done with second quarter and is preparing for quarterly exams, I had to work with him quite a bit.  When he was working independently, I finished working with the girls.

???????????????????????????????In the late afternoon, Cuddle Bug found a Christmas craft at the end of a Christmas book.  I set the girls to work taking out the pieces while I worked with Bookworm.  Imagine my surprise when I came back and found them working together to set it up.  They did a great job and were very proud of themselves.

Bookworm moved into a new Math-U-See book today, so he was excited about that.

This week was definitely a week to buckle down and get things done, which felt great after several busy weeks in a row.

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