My mom flew in for a visit two weeks ago.  We were supposed to drive and visit her near Easter, but thanks to our now $5,000 in unexpected medical and car expenses, we had to shelve that plan.  We wouldn’t have been able to see her again until her December visit, so we’re very glad she could come.

Because my mom is here, we’re doing light homeschooling.

Trying Out a Unit Study Program

The kids and I are trying out a unit study program for the Review Crew, and so far we’re loving it!  We do a little work on this each day.   I love teaching all three kids at once, even if it’s only for a small portion of the day.

Burning Out

Bookworm is finishing 5th grade, but he’s not in the same place in all subjects.  For instance, in phonics and geography, he’s finishing up the 3rd quarter.  (Yeah!)  But in grammar, we had to take several weeks off from our regular book so he could learn to diagram sentences.  He’s just finishing the 2nd quarter in that subject thanks to this delay.

It really drives me crazy when we’re not in the same place in all subjects, so while my mom was visiting, I just had him work on those subjects he’s “behind” in.  I hope to be done with his schooling by late June, but we’ll see.

Meanwhile, the girls are doing English, math, and another program we’re trying out for the Review Crew in addition to the unit study.  PB & J Girl is doing great in math, which I love to see.  I struggled in math, especially in high school, so I like to see her off to a strong start.  Cuddle Bug loves to be read to.  She can sit for a half an hour or more listening to chapter books and asking good questions, but PB & J Girl?  Let’s just say read alouds are NOT her thing.  Hopefully that will change.

Field Trips Galore

While my mom was here, we went to visit two places we’ve been wanting to see–Sabino Canyon and Tumacacori National Historic Park.

???????????????????????????????I loved Sabino Canyon, though for a person like me who is petrified of heights, the trip was a bit unnerving.  We took a trolley/tram through the canyon and saw some breathtaking scenery.  There are 9 stops along the way where you can get off and hike around a bit.  I was fine for stops 1 through 8, but the ride between stops 8 and 9 made me break out in a cold sweat.  The road is only big enough for the trolley, and on one side, there is a steep drop down the canyon wall.

???????????????????????????????When we made it back down to stop 8, we got off and hiked around a bit.  The kids loved it, and we had a pleasant day, weather wise.

We’ve been enjoying visiting missions now that we live in the Southwest.  We visited several when we went to San Antonio last fall, and we visited San Xavier when my mom came last Christmas.

???????????????????????????????This time, we got a guided tour at Tumacacori.  As part of our unit study, we just finished learning about the gold rush.  Once inside the mission church, our guide showed us all of the damage that was done to the structure.  One large crack was caused by an earthquake.  Some other damage was caused when the roof was pilfered after the mission was abandoned.  And the side back walls of the church, which have large gouges, were damaged when people looking for gold started literally chipping away at the church walls looking for gold!

???????????????????????????????While we were there, we watched a woman make tortillas (which my husband and mom got to sample), and we also saw a woman hand making baskets.

Overall, it’s been a fun two weeks!

My mom just flew back home today, so we’ll be back to a normal school load this upcoming week.

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