100_5328aOur apartment has a large living room area connected to a dining room that is almost the same size.  Previously, the formal dining room was the kids’ play area.  However, the kids are getting bigger, and there are less toys and equipment than before, so we moved their toy shelves into the livingroom.  The formal dining room became our homeschool area.  (Our kitchen table is in the kitchen.)

The homeschool area is simple, but it fits our needs.  In the center of the room is a small table.  This is where I often sit with Bookworm to explain his work and to teach him.  He sometimes works here, but often it’s too loud if the girls are in the livingroom, so he’ll work in his bedroom with the door closed and the fan on to reduce noise.

100_5329The girls and I do our work in the kitchen at the dining room table so I can have a girl on each side of me.  During the time, Bookworm likes to work at his desk in the corner of the formal dining room.

We also have two large bookshelves from Ikea.  (Only one is shown in the pictures, but we have two, and they’re both full!)  Most of Bookworm’s school work is in the bookshelf shown.  He gets the middle two shelves, the girls get the lower two shelves for their books and sometimes dolls, and I get the top shelf for all of my teaching materials.  The small box on the heater holds the current Sonlight books we’re reading as well as the ones that will be used in the next few weeks.

The other bookshelf that is not pictured holds arts and craft projects & materials, videos and DVDs, and more of the girls’ books.

Beside Bookworm’s desk are tubs filled with the girls’ learning centers.

So, that’s a tour of our simple homeschool room.  It’s not as cute as many of the homeschool rooms that I see on Pinterest, but it works for us for now.

If you homeschool, do you have a designated area?  If so, what does it look like?

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