Bookworm is a visual person.  He loves taking photos, painting and doing art work, basically anything that is visually oriented.  When the chance came up to review Online Christian Filmmakers Academy by Family Gravity Media, a division of Families For Christ Ministries, Inc., Bookworm was very eager to begin.

About Online Christian Filmmakers Academy

Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}

This online film academy is taught by Ken and Zack Lawrence.  This father-son team has worked together since 2004, and they have a great deal of experience.  Together, they have produced films including In His Steps, The Pastor’s House, and many more.

Individually, Ken is a certified Career and Technical Education instructor in Audio/Video & film.  Zack has worked as a producer, director, actor, and on film crews.  They come highly qualified to teach this course!

The course contains five modules plus the intro and bonuses.  The modules are

Module 1 –  The Camera

Module 2 – Cinematography

Module 3 – Sound

Module 4 – Pre-Production

Module 5 – Production

filmmakers1Each module contains 5 to 6  lessons except for Module 2, which contains 15 lessons.  There are also quizzes available throughout the lessons.

Once you finish a lesson, you can simply click “Completed” under a lesson so you can easily resume the course when you come back later.

This course is $299 for one year access, but through November 30, you can take $100 off that price by using the code FALLCREW2016.  (Once you enroll in the course, ALL of the kids in your family can use it.)

How We Used Online Christian Filmmakers Academy

Bookworm logged in and used the course approximately three times a week.  We don’t have video except on our camera, so he used many of the suggestions for film to improve his picture taking.  He and our daughters had a few brainstorming sessions for developing a movie idea, and they even shot a few short “films” using the camera’s video.  I loved seeing them working together and being so creative.  I’m very grateful for this course for inspiring them!

Bookworm has asked for a nicer video source for Christmas.  Now that our review period is over, he plans to continue with the course and continue to make films.  This is more like a past time for him rather than schoolwork.

What We Liked about Online Christian Filmmakers Academy

This is not a stagnant course.  While the course was initially filmed a few years ago, they are adding new content and updating the videos as new technology because available.  I love this feature!

When your family buys the course, you can use it for ALL of your kids, which, is a fabulous value, especially if you have several kids who will want to use the course.

Bookworm appreciated that the videos were interesting and quick.  (The longest video I saw was 15 minutes; most range from 4 to 10 minutes.)  Since the videos were short, the information given was taught in small increments, so it was easy to implement and was not overwhelming.

Bookworm also appreciated that every lesson has a comments page, so students can comment with questions and the teachers respond.

In addition, the Burns try to be very user friendly.  Videos are not just how to use the equipment, but also mention substitute equipment that you can use.  For instance, in Module 1, Lesson 6: Tripods and Camera Support, there is a PDF explaining how to make a PVC Shoulder Rig.  This aspect of the course is very helpful if you don’t have all of the materials and can’t or don’t want to buy them.

Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}

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Online Christian Filmmakers Academy {Family Gravity Media}
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