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In our days before kids, my husband and I used to enjoy playing board games, sometimes strategy board games. When we had the opportunity to try Commissioned by Chara Games, we happily did so.  In the evenings, after the kids were asleep, we tried our hand at this game.

About Chara Games

Patrick & Katherine Lysaght are the founders of Chara Games.  (Chara is a Biblical Greek word that means unshakeable joy).  The Lysaght’s founded Chara Games in 2014, and their mission is to provide fun, table top games with a Christian theme.  In addition to Commissioned, they have also created 3 Seeds, which is currently in production.  (Review coming soon!)

About Commissioned

Commissioned is designed for children 14 and up through adults.  The basic premise is that the players work collaboratively to help spread the church in the early years after Jesus’ death.  If the players cannot help spread the church, the Romans emerge victorious and Christianity is squelched.

img_8538The game includes various parts such as church members, missionaries, and apostles.  There are five different scenario cards, which help determine the initial set up of the game.  There are also Trial cards, which dictate what opposition the Church faces.  To overcome the Trial, the players may use two of their Faith cards.

Commissioned {Chara Games}

What gamers will love is that there are multiple layers of difficulty built into this game, so as players become more proficient, they can increase the challenge:

  • The board has two sides, A and B.  (Beginners start with side A.)
  • The Trial deck has two different levels: Disciple and Martyr (the former being the one recommended for beginners)
  • The five scenario cards have different degrees of difficulty.  (Beginners should start with Acts of the Apostles.)

While this game does center around the spread of Christianity, Chara Games does not seek to give an opinion on that; rather, they present the game from a historical perspective.  For instance, in the Trial cards, at the bottom is a Bible verse that simply references where this Trial is found in the Bible.  img_8536Even if you don’t have a Bible, Chara Games has included a Theme Appendix guide with the game that gives the full Bible verses for each card so you can read what happened historically.

img_8537If you are a Christian, you will likely appreciate the historical significance of the game as you and your children learn or reinforce what you already know about the spread of Christianity after Jesus’ death.

Learning how to use this game can be complicated, especially if you’re used to playing easier games.  To aid with that, Chara Games has developed a video to explain how the game works.  I did need to watch this before we could play the game successfully.

Our Experience Using Commissioned

I’ll be honest, our first experience using Commissioned wasn’t that successful.  We were a bit lost with what to do.  What I had neglected to do was watch the video that explains how to play the game.  Once I did that, we tried again.

Though this game is estimated to take 60 minutes to play, we played for that long and did not finish.  Part of that may be because we were still trying to wade our way through the game.  There is a lot to remember!

The next time that we played, we had a better feel for what we were doing and enjoyed it more.  What I really liked about this game is that rather than competing against other players, you’re working together for a common goal.  That is unlike most games I play and something that is impressive.

We will continue to play and enjoy Commissioned.  Each time we play, we’re getting a better grasp of the game.

Commissioned {Chara Games}
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Commissioned {Chara Games}
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