This year, our girls joined American Heritage Girls.  They are so excited and have already learned everything they have to in order to receive a joining badge.  After that, they can start earning badges, and let me tell you, they have big plans!  They were delighted to learn that one of our favorite curriculum makers, Homeschool Legacy, includes details with most unit studies about how to earn a related badge for AHG (and Boy Scouts).  The Christmas Comes to America Once-a-Week Unit Study we reviewed can also earn the girls a Music Appreciation Badge.

About Homeschool Legacy

Sharon Gibson, the creator of Homeschool Legacy, is a homeschooling mom herself.  Her sons loved unit studies, so as she created them, Homeschool Legacy was born.

There are currently 18 Once-a-Week Unit Studies and Micro-Studies available.  We’ve had the pleasure to previously review Homeschool Legacy’s Westward Ho! Part II, which we’ve loved!  I also have bought several on my own, and these studies do not disappoint!

About Christmas Comes to America

Christmas Comes to America is a four week, Once-a-Week Unit Study.  The general format of this study is that on M-W-Th, you do your regular schoolwork and then do a read-aloud as suggested in the unit study.  On Wednesday, the day is devoted to the once-a-week unit study.  Then, on Friday, have a unit study related field trip or watch a unit study related movie.  Of course, this schedule is flexible.  Follow the schedule that works best for you.

This unit study includes:

Week One: The Dutch

Week Two: The English

Week Three: The Germans

Week Four: An American Christmas

This unit study is jam packed with information, activities, and recipes.  For instance, in week four, we discovered that Christmas didn’t become an officially recognized holiday until 1870!

Also in week four is a fun family trivia game where you can review what you learned throughout the unit study.  Other activities include caroling and writing a Christmas letter to family or friends, and many, many more.

Some recipes include making wassail, homemade marshmallows, and hot cocoa.

FYI, Christmas Comes to America is 20% off until November 7th.

What We Loved about Christmas Comes to America

img_8532I loved that there was such a wide variety of books, movies, and music to choose from.  While we didn’t have any trouble getting the books we needed from the library, I imagine it’s a bit harder to find those same books in December, when most people will be doing this unit study.  Can’t find the book you need?  No problem.  There are plenty of alternative suggestions.

I loved the many activities that were included and that the girls got to delve deep into Christmas history with this unit study.

As I already mentioned, they were also happy to do the work to earn a badge for American Heritage Girls.

What We Didn’t Like

Overall, this unit study is fabulous!  However, if you’re children make a list for Santa every year and eagerly anticipate his arrival, please be careful when using this unit study.  There is a note at the beginning to pick and choose or skip what you need to in week one to avoid any Santa spoilers.  I skipped much of the first week, but I was a bit surprised when we were watching the recommended Rick Steve’s DVD about Christmas traditions in Europe, and there was a spoiler in that show.  Also, when I was reading a book on Christmas traditions, there were several spoilers there, too.  For this reason alone, I might recommend using this program with older kids who will not have the magic of Christmas spoiled.

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