We try to do what we can to protect our children from stumbling on inappropriate images on the Internet.  The kids’ school computer is in our living room, and we invested in buying a monthly subscription to filtering software.  However, the filtering software proved difficult to use on my husband and my computers, especially because we ran into issues when traveling.  For some reason, the filtering software blocked the Internet entirely.  The solution for us was to put filtering software on the kids’ computer and Accountable2You accountability software on our computers.  As part of our review, my family received the Individual Plan subscription for 12 months.

What Is Accountable2You?

Accountable2You is an accountability software program.  Unlike some programs, Accountable2You doesn’t block any sites.  Instead, it reports on your activity to a trusted accountability partner.  Your accountability partner can get a report on your activity once a day or once a week.  If you go to a questionable site, your accountability partner can be notified immediately.

Accountable2You is compatible with a wide variety of devices.  (Go here for the full list.)

Accountable2You offers a variety of plans:

Individual Plan ($6.99/mo.) – good for up to 6 devices

Family Plan ($9.99/mo.) – good for up to 20 devices

Group Plan ($9.99/mo. + $2.99 per member)

Small Business Plan ($14.99/mo. + .99 per device)

The family plan, besides allowing more devices than the individual plan, also has a few more features.  For instance, you can set a time limit alert per account, and you can also create child user accounts.

The group plan is designed for an administrator of a group, like a church.  Each member’s account has the same features of the individual plan and could be used for all employees.

The small business plan is perfect for businesses.  It features real-time reporting.

a2y4When you receive a report, it tells you how many questionable and highly questionable activities were found.  Accountable2You rates activities based on keywords.  These keywords are in English and Spanish.

Accountable2You can be used in conjunction with filtering software.

How We Used Accountable2You

We installed Accountable2You on my husband’s  cell phone.  We were both pleased with how it worked.  His cell phone was not slowed at all, and he could still access the information that he needed.

I was his accountability partner, so a report was sent to my e-mail every morning.  This report told me about the previous day’s usage.

The first part of the report shows me what apps he used as well as how much time he spent on those apps.


When I click on each individual app’s link, I get a further breakdown of his activity as well as when it occurred.


Apps such as outlook and messaging actually show the messages.  If you’re a parent that wants to give your teen child freedom without filtering software, Accountable2You may be the answer.  You can give your child freedom, but if you need to, you can occasionally check to make sure they aren’t messaging someone they shouldn’t be or aren’t messaging someone inappropriately.

The second part showed me a graph with the time of day that he used those apps.


There is also a link to click to view a map of where the device traveled all day.

Overall, we are very pleased with Accountable2You!  I wish we would have reviewed the Family Plan instead of the Individual Plan so we could install it on all of our devices.

I will continue to pay for this service after our free trial is over.

Accountability across all your devices {Accountable2You}
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I was one of 55 reviewers to use this product.  To read more reviews, click on the link below:

Accountability across all your devices {Accountable2You}
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