My girls love to create, and they love making bead creations.  They’ve used popular beads, but that usually resulted in frustration because they would have to wait for mom to iron them.  That could take (ahem) many, many months.  (Bad mom!)  But, they had a frustration-free experience recently when they tried Super BeadsZirrly has a wide variety of products, but the girls picked the Mega Pack.

Super Beads Mega Pack

About Super Beads

Super Beads are placed on a plastic tray with small spikes to hold the beads like other bead companies use.  But that’s where the comparisons end.  Instead of ironing the beads and melting them in place, Super Beads adhere with water.  With our kit, we received two small spray mist bottles.  The girls simply misted their creations, making sure to cover all of the beads but not to “drown” the beads in water.  Then they waited one hour, used a little lever tool that came with the kit, and removed their creation.  When they take mom out of the equation, they have the joy of seeing their creation created and solidified in place all in one day!

About the Mega Pack

The Mega Pack has everything your kids need to get started with Super Beads.  The pack includes

  • 4500 Super Beads
  • 20 Assorted Design Templates
  • 2 Spray Bottles
  • 4 Boards
  • 1 Design Tool
  • Instructions

There are four design templates; they feature a cupcake, an apple, an elephant, and a turtle.  There are five of each image, so multiple kids can easily use the same pack at once.

Our Experience with Zirrly Beads

The girls were so excited when these came!  They sat down to make creations immediately.  PB & J Girl followed some of the patterns that came with the kit while Cuddle Bug chose to create her own designs.

Later, PB & J Girl did try to create a flower that would stand up, but that didn’t work.  The stem was comprised of only one bead width, which was too thin.  Super Beads aren’t firm after they dry unlike some other bead sets.  They still have a bit of flexibility in them, which is why the flower would not stand up.  Next time, PB & J Girl will need to make the stem a bit thicker.

There is a bit of a learning curve when experimenting with Super Beads and what can be made, but I like the fact that the beads fuse and are still flexible.  That means they won’t crack later!

One thing I noticed is that after the girls misted their creation and took them off the tray, some of the color from the beads bled onto the plastic.  I did have to wash the plastic to get the color off, but that did not hinder their usage or the finished product.

Overall, my girls loved the independence that they found with Super Beads, and they’ve been happily creating ever since.  Oh, and I’m happy, too, since I don’t have to iron their creations anymore!

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