My kids, like most kids, are eager to make money.  The problem is that many of the traditional avenues to make money are closed to them.  They’re too young to get a traditional job, but they’re never too young to become entrepreneurs.  Bookworm has started a little side business doing lawn work for our neighbors, and the girls are eager to start a slime business.  Because I want to encourage their entrepreneurship, I was delighted to review The Kingdom Code.  We received The Complete Starter Kit.

About The Kingdom Code

The Kingdom Code, a Biblically-based curriculum that not only teaches children how to create and run their own business but also how to create a budget and manage their money God’s way, was designed by Jimmie Hall Byler.  Byler is a grandmother to five and is affectionately referred to as “Aunt Jimmie” in the curriculum.  She has a B.A. in Education and taught for years.

About The Complete Starter Kit

The Complete Starter Kit (retail price $199.99, currently on sale for $139.99) includes the Textbook, Student Packet, and Teacher’s Guide.  This is everything you need to teach one child (ideally in 4th – 6th grade) the curriculum.  If you have additional children, they will each need their own Student Packet.

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The student textbook is a high quality, spiral-bound book containing durable, glossy sheets.  There are plenty of pictures, and the layout is pleasing to the eye.

The textbook contains 27 lessons:

  • Path to the Kingdom Code
  • Prepare to Build Treasure
  • Entrepreneurs Build Businesses
  • My Treasure Builder Plan
  • Business Plan Wrap-Up
  • Show What You Know
  • How to Make a Sale
  • Are Your Books in Order
  • A Money Plan
  • O Stands for Others
  • E Stands for Education
  • Y Stands for You
  • S Stands for Savings
  • Looking Back
  • Time for a Check Up
  • Arthur’s Armor Repair
  • Discover Your Gifts
  • What’s My Goal
  • Visiting a Bank
  • Another Look Back
  • The Pied Piper of Marketing
  • How Do Economies Grow?
  • Take Charge of Your Life!
  • Are You Free to Make Choices?
  • Watch Your Pennies!
  • What Did You Say?
  • An Honest Review

This course is meant to span an entire year (34 weeks) and to be taught twice a week for 45 minutes each time.

The first eight lessons are fairly parent intensive as children are starting a business from the ground up.  After Lesson 8, the students, depending on their ages, can work more independently.

How We Used The Kingdom Code

The girls were so excited to dive into this!  However, they complained during the first two lessons that they already knew everything that was being covered, and, admittedly, because they had already known which business they wanted to create and because they’re very good with money and budgeting, Lessons 1 & 2 were a review for them.

But from Lesson 3 on, they were learning brand new information, and they were interested!  This course is engaging and kept my kids focused and also made them think about things.  They want to start a slime shop, but there are many, many slime shops on places like Etsy, so, thanks to lessons in the textbook, they had to think about what they could do that would make their business stand apart from the rest.

The girls initially thought the only way to sell their slime was on Etsy (which they can’t do because they’re not yet 13), but in Lesson 7, they discovered several new avenues for selling that they had not thought of.

Our Thoughts on The Kingdom Code

This curriculum gets a thumbs up from me and the girls, and we plan to continue using it now that the review period is over.  I love that the first eight lessons thoroughly cover what you need to do to start a business from coming up with a name, to estimating how many hours per week you can work, to creating a business plan, to creating a weekly customer and income goal.  If a student follows all eight lessons, she will have a solid business foundation.

I also loved how thorough the curriculum is and how colorful and engaging it is.

This product is perfect for use at home, but it’s also designed so that it can be used for groups in church or in a co-op setting.

If you’re going to buy The Kingdom Code, I’d highly recommend getting The Complete Starter Kit because it’s nice having the Teacher’s Manual.  The Teacher’s Manual ties everything together by listing the forms students should use for the lessons as well as how long the lessons will take.


The Giveaway!

If you have younger children who are not yet ready to follow The Kingdom Code curriculum but want to follow along with older siblings, I have a giveaway for you!

The Kingdom Code has generously donated both the JR. KCK Budget Kit ($9.09) and The Kingdom Code Coloring Book ($5.59) as a giveaway prize.  To enter, simply visit The Kingdom Code website, and leave a comment below about who you would like to use this program with.

The giveaway will end on  June 27, 2019 at 11:59 p.m.  The winner will be chosen via and notified via e-mail.

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I was one of 50 people to review this product.  To read more reviews, click on the link below:

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