Cuddle Bug has loved every Memoria Press item we’ve tried, so when the chance came to try Prima Latina Complete Set, we happily said yes.  If you’re looking for a gentle Latin program to begin teaching your grade 1 to 4 students, I’d highly recommend this one.

About the Prima Latina Complete Set

Prima Latina Complete Set

The complete set includes the:

  • Student Book
  • Teacher Manual
  • Pronunciation CD
  • Flashcards
  • DVDS

The student book is a workbook that students write in to review what they’ve learned on the DVD, but it also contains information that the child learned in the DVD lesson.  Each chapter in the student book (and DVDs) include these parts:

  • Practical Latin
  • Lesson
  • Vocabulary
  • Latin Prayers
  • Derivatives
  • Review Questions
  • Lesson Questions
  • Translation
  • Speaking Latin
  • Write and Learn
  • Fun Practice

The teacher manual includes much of the same information as the student guide and is laid out the same.  However, it also contains answers to the activities and a one page grammar guide at the front of the book.

The pronunciation CD includes pronunciations for all of the lessons in Prima Latina as well as four prayers and some songs.

The flash cards contain all of the words in Prima Latina.  The flashcards can also be used with the next Latin program Memoria Press uses after Prima Latina, Latina Christiana.  (For more information on Memoria Press’ many Latin programs, go here.)

The DVDs really form the core of the program.  Each week, you and your child will listen to one lesson.  Leigh Lowe, who leads the lessons and developed the course, has a friendly persona, and she speaks in a sing song way, which makes it easier to remember the words that children are to learn for the lesson.

Our Experience Using Prima Latina Complete Set

I chose this curriculum to use with PB & J Girl, my 2nd grader.  She loved it!  She enjoyed watching the DVDs and practicing the words.  She enjoyed using her workbook.


After a few days watching the DVDs, Cuddle Bug (1st grade) decided she wanted to try the program, too, so we ordered a student book for her, too.  However, since she still struggles with reading and writing, the workbook and program was a bit too difficult for her.

I would say this program works best for children who already have well established reading and writing skills.  PB & J Girl is not a very strong reader, but she does have well established skills, so I think this program would work just fine for younger students who are earlier readers.

We plan to continue using the Prima Latina Complete Set.  I think this is a wonderful program that helps younger children learn Latin when their brains are most able to absorb it.  I think it will help PB & J Girl in the future when she tries to learn another language, and it will help her throughout her schooling to learn grammar and vocabulary.  This program fills a very important need to help young learners learn Latin in a fun, non-intimidating way.

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