Around here, we do school year round, and math is one thing in particular I want my children to keep up.  I always try to supplement their regular math curriculum with some kind of fun math games.  Recently, Matific Galaxy has fit the bill!

About Matific

Matific is a fun math supplement program for grades K-6.  PB & J Girl just finished 4th grade, but I felt like she had a few holes in her math, so I set her grade level as 4th grade.  (If your child is advanced or behind, you can easily change the grade level.)

When students start, there are several characters; your child will need to complete the activities in one character to fill in the pixels that compose the character.

When the character is entirely pixelated, the child can move on to the next character.  (Fourth grade has 10 characters; PB & J Girl completely pixelated seven characters, and she has half pixelated the 8th.)

Students can take care of their characters by feeding them, cleaning them, and playing with them by having them blow bubbles.

When a child has pixelated the character and goes back into activities at that level, the child earns coins and gets a prize.

Parent View in Matific

PB & J Girl used this program all by herself, but Matific regularly sent me emails letting me know if she met her weekly usage goal.  (Matific recommends 45 minutes a week, but I set PB & J Girl’s goal for 60 minutes a week, which she met every week except the week she had Vacation Bible School.)

Parents can also log into the program and see their child’s progress themselves.  The first screen shows your child’s overall score as well as how he or she is scoring in individual topics.  You can also see what percentage of their grade level work they have completed.

If you click into the amount of work completed, you get a much more detailed breakdown of what they have completed.

What We Thought of Matific

PB & J Girl almost always enjoyed this program and didn’t complain when I told her to do it.  She liked taking care of the characters regularly, but as she advanced through the program, she found it took a lot of time to play with each of them, feed them, and clean them, so she only took care of a few at a time.

One of her favorite math activities was magic triangles; in this activity, she would need to put a number in each corner to make them equal the same on each side when added.

She also enjoyed the positive feedback for doing an activity, either by earning pixels to fill in a character or a prize.  The worse she did on an assignment, the less pixels or stars she got, but she could always redo the activity.

She found that sometimes she finished all of the activities for a character, but all the pixels weren’t filled in, so she would redo some of the activities to get more pixels.  As a parent, I love that the program is designed to motivate kids to redo assignments where they may need to sharpen their skills.

Occasionally, she found activities very difficult.  Typically, she needed to do several of the same type of problem to advance, but when she had activities she couldn’t figure out, she was frustrated that she couldn’t get any tips or help from the program. After getting an answer wrong approximately three times, the program shows you the answer and moves on.

If you’re looking for a fun math supplement for grades K-6, I highly recommend Matific.  My daughter loved it!

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