My girls aren’t big mathematics fans, but they are at grade level.  However, they do have trouble with some math concepts, especially learning math facts.  To make sure they don’t fall behind, I was on the look out for a math enrichment program; we found the perfect one, Math-Whizz, by Whizz Education.

About Math-Whizz

Math-Whizz is for children ages 5 to 13 and is $12 a month (each additional child is $9 a month) or $124 a year (each additional child is $90 a year).  It’s meant to be a supplemental program, not a full math curriculum.

Students first take a math assessment, which takes about 30 to 40 minutes.  Then, students are given a math age.  For instance, PB & J Girl just turned 10, and her initial math age was 9.49 years.  All students are encouraged to use Math-Whizz at least twice a week for 15 minutes each session, though they are free to use it more often.  Parents can set a weekly usage cap of 90, 120 or unlimited minutes a week.  I was fine with my kids having unlimited access.  When kids first login, they can see how much time they’ve spent on the program so far this week:

Once in Math-Whizz, students can start working on their assignments, or they can decorate the various rooms in the program. PB & J Girl was excited to see that as her birthday got closer, a board in her virtual study had a birthday countdown.

For each activity that they complete, students earn tokens; there are also bonus tokens earned for 15 minutes and other increments as well as additional tokens earned when tests are taken.  In exchange for the tokens, students can buy virtual stuffed animals or pets.  If they buy pets, they must also buy pet food so that they can feed their pet when they log in.  (If they forget to feed their pet, after awhile, it can be taken away.)

PB & J Girl saved her tokens to buy a pet owl and food.  She liked the owl because it does tricks like falling on the floor and temporarily turning into an alien.   She later also bought a cat.  Cuddle Bug, on the other hand, bought stuffed animals because they were cheaper, and she didn’t have the patience to save up for a virtual pet.

If an activity has 10 problems and the student gets a perfect score through the first half, they can skip ahead and elect not to complete the activity.

Also, Math-Whizz sends parents messages if their child is having difficulty so the parent can help the child.  I really appreciated this feature.

In addition, parents can easily log in to see their child’s progress.  The parent page shows how much time a child has spent on Math-Whizz

as well as how much progress they’ve made since using the program.

Our Thoughts on Math-Whizz

I am fussy about the math programs that we try to use, but Math-Whizz has been wonderful!  PB & J Girl (10) uses Math-Whizz almost every day.  We’ve only been using Math-Whizz since the end of September, and already PB & J Girl has put in seven hours and improved her math age from 9.38 to 9.59.

I’m also highly impressed with Math-Whizz’s customer service.  Cuddle Bug (8.5) got stuck on telling time.  (She has trouble reading clock faces.)  She got so frustrated that she didn’t want to use the program anymore.  I e-mailed customer service at Math-Whizz, and in less than 24 hours, they had changed the program so that she wouldn’t have to work on clock faces anymore.  Boom, we were back in business.

The only minor drawback I have found with Math-Whizz is that even though I selected that we are in the United States, almost all of the measurement activities use the metric system.  On the one hand, I think that this is great because everyone else in the world uses the metric system, so it’s good that kids learn it.  On the other hand, the program doesn’t explain the metric system as thoroughly as we’d like for not knowing it at all.  For instance, in one activity when PB & J Girl was asked to measure one meter with a ruler that only had centimeters, we had to search the web to see how many centimeters are in a meter.  I’d like to see more of an explanation of the metric system for us Americans who do not use it regularly.

Math Whizz
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