Ah, math.  Suffice it to say that math was not my favorite subject in school, and it’s not my favorite subject to teach.  I had all three kids following the same math program, and we were fairly successful with that until we hit two stumbling blocks.  First, the math program we used relied heavily on manipulatives, and Cuddle Bug flat out refused to use the manipulatives.  So, her math learning stalled.  Then, PB & J Girl finished her grade 1 math book, but she still hadn’t memorize all of the addition and subtraction facts despite doing drills every day!

I was in a math rut with my little ones.

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }

We had the opportunity to review Math Mammoth, and I liked the look of the Light Blue Series for my girls.  I asked to review Grade 1.  I used the first part of the book for Cuddle Bug and the second part for PB & J Girl.

About Math Mammoth

Math Mammoth’s Light Blue Series is available for grades 1 – 7.  (If you’re international, they also offer an international version in all metric, and a South African version.)  Grade 7 is a complete pre-algebra program.

The program is available as a download (which is what we received), or as a CD, or as a traditional printed book format.

Math Mammoth is a mastery program; each grade level has approximately 8 to 10 chapters.  Each grade also has a student workbook A and B, answer keys, tests, cumulative review lessons, and a worksheet maker.

About Math Mammoth Grade 1

Math Mammoth Grade 1 covers the following topics:

  • Chapter o: Kindergarten Math Review
  • Chapter 1: Addition Within 0-10
  • Chapter 2: Subtraction Within 0-10
  • Chapter 3: Place Value Within 0-100
  • Chapter 4: Addition and Subtraction Facts
  • Chapter 5: Time
  • Chapter 6: Shapes and Measuring
  • Chapter 7: Addition and Subtraction Within 0-100
  • Chapter 8: Coins

The program teaches the concepts in a variety of ways, which helps the child remain engaged.

How We Used Math Mammoth

We used Math Mammoth four days a week for the five week review period.  I had the girls cover one sheet per day.  Cuddle Bug and PB & J Girl could complete a page a day in five to 10 minutes.

Because I have only used one homeschool math curriculum since we started homeschooling four years ago, I was surprised to use Math Mammoth and find some gaps from our previous program.  For example, Cuddle Bug (1st grade) started using Workbook A.  I started her in the middle of Chapter 1.  (Chapter 0 was a kindergarten review, which she didn’t need.  She also had thoroughly covered the material at the first half of Chapter 1.)  However, where we started, Math Mammoth covered the greater than, less than, and equal to symbols.  I realized that was not covered at all in our other curriculum!

PB & J Girl started in Workbook B, which allowed her to continue to review her addition and subtraction facts.

What We Liked about Math Mammoth

I loved the variety of ways that were used to teach the material.  In Workbook A, Cuddlebug learned about addition by seeing boxes with dots on them, by using a number line, and by using traditional addition problems.  The variety of ways the material is presented helps curb boredom and is great for various types of learners.

The other feature that I loved is that Math Mammoth is very affordable.  The Grade 1 download is $37.50, and I could use that for both girls’ math.  If you have even more children who will be using the material, the price becomes even more cost effective.

What We Disliked about Math Mammoth

The only thing I disliked about Math Mammoth is that some of the word problems seemed unnecessarily difficult.  For instance, in Workbook B, PB & J Girl had this word problem:

Jack has 10 cars, Bill has 7, and Ed has 4.
How many more cars than Ed does Bill have?

PB & J Girl just couldn’t wrap her mind around this question.  It would have been much easier for her if it would have been worded: How many more cars does Bill have than Ed?

However, this is only a minor complaint; I just helped PB & J Girl with the problem, and we moved on.

Honestly, I was surprised how much I liked Math Mammoth!  I plan to continue using it for Cuddle Bug, and I may also switch PB & J Girl over to this.  Now, if the program just went on to high school math so Bookworm could use it!

Affordable Quality Math {Math Mammoth }

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