PB & J Girl has a regular reading program that she does daily, but she also likes to do some fun reading activities.  We found a good supplemental reading program in The Magic Stories by Allsaid & Dunn, LLC, publishers of The Reading Game and authors of the Worldy Wise series.

The Magic Stories {Allsaid & Dunn, LLC. Reviews}

About The Magic Stories

The Magic Stories are six stories created as a reading supplement program for 2nd to 3rd grade.  Each story has the story itself, plus “Naughty 40” word cards and four worksheets.

We received all of the materials as a download.  The stories are perfect for use on the iPad or computer screen, but you can also choose to print them off and use them that way.  The “Naughty 40” word cards can be printed on card stock and used as flash cards, while the worksheets can and should be printed to use.

There are six stories in this program:

The Magic Stories {Allsaid & Dunn, LLC. Reviews}

  • The Magic Hole
  • The Magic Ax
  • The Magic Joke
  • The Magic Hot Dog
  • The Magic Boots

The “Naughty 40” are words that appear in the story that do not follow phonics rules.  In The Magic Hole, some of the “Naughty 40” are although, attached, and believed, just to name a few.

Students can take a pre and post-test of the “Naughty 40”.  In addition, there are four worksheets and an assessment:

  • True and False Maze (completed based on the story details)
  • Finish the Sentence Exercises (finish the sentence based on story details)
  • Imagine Activities (children are asked to put themselves in the situations of the story and answer questions)
  • Finish the Story (creative writing activity)
  • Running Record (teachers can choose to test their students on their reading speed and accuracy)

How We Used the Magic Stories

Overall, PB & J Girl liked the story, and they were just challenging enough for her.  Her reading level is late 2nd grade, early 3rd grade, so the stories were at the perfect level for her.

During the review period, we were able to read the first two stories and complete all of the activities for the first book, and most of them for the second book.  We worked on reading the stories or doing the activities four days a week.

The first story, The Magic Hole, tells about a Chinese fisherman and his family.  First, his daughter loses all the rice she was to get because of a hole in the bag she was using, but when she gets home, there is no hole.  Then, other members of the family suffer from the hole, which gets bigger every time.  Finally, the fisherman, Ping Ho, finds the hole in his sock and puts the sock in a box and throws it in the deepest part of the lake.  He wakes up to quite a surprise in the morning, which helps him find a new, more successful profession.

The second story, tells the story of Tom, a son who is much more interested in exploring all of the sights of the forest rather than cutting wood with his father.  When his father is injured, Tom must cut the wood himself, which he isn’t disciplined enough to do. . .until he finds a magic ax that does all of the work for him.

What We Liked about The Magic Stories

We both enjoyed the illustrations.

PB & J Girl liked that there was magic in the stories; they held her interest, and she read aloud to me more than I would have expected, I think because she wanted to know how each story ended.  I also liked the character lessons contained in the stories.  The worksheets were a nice way to enhance her knowledge and encourage her to do more writing.

What We’d Like to See Improved

Overall, I enjoyed this program and plan to continue using it with PB & J Girl.  However, I’d like to see some improvements.  Namely, I’d like to see more instructions for parents such as a syllabus or a scheduling guide.  As the program is now, it’s just the stories and supplemental materials.  There are no instructions or guides for parents.

Having said that, we developed our own rhythm, doing the “Naughty 40” cards first, then reading the story over four days, then completing a worksheet a day.

The Magic Stories {Allsaid & Dunn, LLC. Reviews}
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The Magic Stories {Allsaid & Dunn, LLC. Reviews}
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