Now that it’s heating up in Arizona and it’s not much fun being outside, we’ve reinstituted family movie night on the weekends.  Recently we watched Life with Dog by Mill Creek Entertainment.

About Mill Creek Entertainment

Mill Creek Entertainement is the “leading provider of value-priced DVD and and Blu-Ray features and compilations.”  Life with Dog will be available at Walmart stores beginning June 4, 2019 for $11.99, and you can purchase it online at Amazon for the same price or rent it online for $4.99.

About Life with Dog

Joe Bigler (Corbin Bernsen) is an angry man.  His wife, Alice (Marilu Henner) was killed while biking by a hit and run driver. Joe’s angry and has no faith.  Alice was the anchor that kept him in place, and without her, Joe is lost.

Honestly, in some scenes it looked like Joe actually had an undiagnosed mental condition.  He talks to his wife, whom he believes responds, which is fairly normal with grief.  However, a contractor is building a development across the street from Joe’s house, and agents from that company approach Joe several times to see if he will sell his house, which he refuses to do.  He begins to think that the company building the development killed his wife so that he would be so heartbroken he’d happily move out.  Then, when he falls behind in his house payments and faces eviction, he decides that the bank killed his wife so they could make money be foreclosing on his house, selling the property to the developer and then making money from a loan when someone moves into the development and needs a mortgage.

Joe owns a gun, which isn’t good for someone with his mental state.  He pulls a gun on the agent trying to buy his house, and then, later, when he finds the man who actually killed his wife, he pulls a gun on him.

Throughout all of Joe’s mental instability and grief, a loyal stray dog that Joe calls “Dog” keeps him company.  Dog appeared one day in Joe’s yard and has kept him company ever since.  In fact, Dog is the one who leads Joe to the hit and run driver.

In the end of the movie, Joe has a heartfelt discussion with the driver that killed his wife and begins to grieve and accept his wife’s loss.

Our Thoughts about Life with Dog

I watched this with my daughters, and the movie was compelling.  Joe’s behavior was so erratic, we kept wondering what he would do next.  We felt bad for how lost he was without his wife.  And it’s reassuring to see that a man without faith who is searching begins to find unconditional love with Dog.

However, I was disappointed by the end of the movie, especially once Joe found the hit and run driver.

I didn’t feel that the hit and run driver was an especially good actor, so that distracted me.  Also, after the two have a conversation, the movie just ended, which felt unsatisfying to me.  I would have liked to have seen a bit more, like maybe a scene showing what Joe’s life was like a year or two later.

Finally, Joe is clearly in a dark place, so much of the movie is shot in the darkness of his home or at night.  While I understand the symbolism of the dark, it did make actually watching the movie a bit difficult because I felt like I couldn’t see enough of what was going on.

Overall, we enjoyed this movie until the end.

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