Bookworm has loved geography since he was little, but the girls don’t share his passion.  I’ve been searching for an engaging, multi-sensory homeschool geography curriculum for them for quite some time, so I was excited to find Let’s Go Geography.

About Let’s Go Geography

Let's Go Geography

Let’s Go Geography is a homeschool geography curriculum designed for grades K – 4th.  There are a variety of activities, so you can pick and choose which ones to cover based on your students’ ages.  All weeks include the following activities:

Map It!

The Flag

The Music

Let’s Explore


In addition, students can write about what they learned in the notebooking page and create their own Travel Journal to hold all of the work they have done for each country.  Teachers should not feel that they have to do every activity for a country.  Instead, they should pick and choose what works best for their students’ ages and interests.  This curriculum is designed to be completed in one hour or so a week, so it’s also perfect for a co-op setting.

The craft from the Canada unit.

We reviewed the first year of Let’s Go Geography which includes the following countries:

  1. US, The Northeast
  2. US, Hawaii
  3. Canada
  4. Haiti
  5. Nicaragua
  6. Belize
  7. Greenland
  8. Chile
  9. Columbia
  10. Ecuador
  11. Finland
  12. Norway
  13. Sweden
  14. Denmark
  15. Iceland
  16. Hungary
  17. South Africa
  18. Libya
  19. Tanzania
  20. Ghana
  21. Afghanistan
  22. Iran
  23. China
  24. Mongolia
  25. Cambodia
  26. The Philippines
  27. Thailand
  28. New Zealand

To see the full three year schedule of countries that Let’s Go Geography covers, go here.

Let's Go Geography

In addition, there are breaks scheduled into the curriculum as well as reviews.  At week 12, there is the review of North and South America; at week 24, there is the review of Europe and Africa; and at week 34, there is a review of Asia and Oceania.  Week 35 is a review of the whole year’s study.

Kids can create a passport to keep track of the countries they’ve “traveled” to

While you can skip around in this curriculum and focus on whatever country you’d like, if you plan to use the reviews, you may want to only skip around within the weeks that the review covers rather than across the entire curriculum.

You can choose to buy a whole year of Let’s Go Geography or a semester, or even just one lesson to try it out.  Once you buy the curriculum as a download, you have life long access.  If you’d like to try a few samples before purchasing, go here.

How We Used Let’s Go Geography

I used this curriculum with my 2nd and 3rd graders.  My 3rd grader loved it!  She loved coloring the maps and doing the crafts as well as watching the videos about the countries we studied.

A puffin craft from the Iceland unit.

My 2nd grader still is resistant to geography, and by the end of the curriculum, she was mainly just doing the crafts.

We used this curriculum a little at a time.  On day 1, we’d do the map activities, day 2 we’d do the flag and music, day 3 we’d explore, and day 4 we did the craft.  The beauty of this curriculum is that it is so flexible, you could have your child do all of the activities in one day.  You can structure it any way you’d like.

Our Thoughts on Let’s Go Geography

As a parent and teacher, I found this curriculum to be a perfect introduction to geography.  I loved that there were so many hands on activities to help the children retain learning.  I could also see where this would be a perfect curriculum to use in a co-op.

The girls enjoyed learning about new countries and creating the crafts.  We do plan to continue using this curriculum even after the review period is over.  I’d also like to get the 2nd and 3rd year when they become available.

Let's Go Geography

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