PB & J Girl loves artistic endeavors, so when I learned of Master Kitz The Starry Night, I knew she’d love it.  This project is just one of many designed by Kidzaw.com; we liked this one so much, we hope to try more Master Kitz in the future!

About Kidzaw

Kidzaw was created five years ago by Jane Chadesh as a grassroots effort in Oak Park, Illinois.  It has since grown to a business that is now selling products on Amazon across the country.

Currently there are eight kits in their Master Kitz line:

  • Flower Myth,
  • Black Lines,
  • The Starry Night,
  • The Tree of Life,
  • Water Lilies,
  • Sunflowers,
  • The Great Wave, and
  • The Red Studio

In addition, Kidzaw also has a sculpture line, MasterSculpz, which currently has two products:

  • Let’s Explore Cubism!
  • Let’s Explore Surrealism!

About Master Kitz The Starry Night

We ordered our kit from Amazon for $22.49.  I have a Prime subscription, so the kit came in two days.  It came in a sturdy, decorative box with a handle, so there was no need for additional packaging material.

Inside were two pieces of art paper, a template, paint, two rollers, and directions.

Also included in the booklet that included the directions was a brief biography of Van Gogh, which I appreciated.

Our Thoughts on Master Kitz The Starry Night

PB & J Girl (10 y.o.) loved this kit!  We followed the steps, and her project took two days to complete because we stopped in between steps for the paint to dry.


Overall, the kit gave her everything she needed to make a cute project, but she wasn’t satisfied, so she added in her own embellishments by using some of our art supplies.

I have to say, when she added her own touches, she really brought the project to another level.  I loved her finished work and would love to get her another kit.

This kit does an excellent job giving children the chance to recreate a famous work.  The kit provides enough guidance that success is assured, but there is still room for a child to be creative and make the painting their own.

There were only two things we’d like to see improved.

The paper and template come rolled up, and it can be hard to get the paper and template to lay flat.  The directions suggested that we roll our roller over the paper and template to get them to flatten, and we did that, but we didn’t see much improvement.  We could have left it for a few days with books piled on top to flatten them, but PB & J Girl was too excited to get started with her project!

Second, PB & J Girl was able to embellish her picture with art supplies that we have around the house, but if someone didn’t have a lot of art supplies at home, that might be difficult.  I’d like to see a few more different paint colors included.

Final Thoughts

This kit is an excellent way to get kids excited about art, to help them learn more about famous artists, and to make famous works more accessible.  These kits would make excellent birthday or holiday presents.

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