Bookworm (almost 14) has had his own e-mail account since he was 12 when we got to review Kids Email Safe Email for Kids.  In fact, we love Kids Email so much that when our free subscription ran out, we bought another year.  I plan to use this for my kids for several more years because I really, really hate some of the spam that comes through regular e-mail providers (not stuff I want my kids to see), and I love the features of Kids Email!

Kids Email

About Kids Email

Kids Email offers two different settings.  Younger kids can have an address that ends with, while older kids can move up to a address (that is what Bookworm uses).

Both of the settings offer parents the ability to monitor what kids are sending.  I get a copy to my e-mail of every message that Bookworm sends and receives.  The parent can also control how much time that their kids spend using e-mail and when they are allowed on Kids Email.  If parents like, they can also only allow their kids to send and receive messages from those on their approved contact list.  All of these features are designed to give your kids as much freedom as you, the parent, would like.  You can control which features you implement.

My youngest child has trouble reading, so I love that Kids Email offers the child the option to have the e-mail read to him or her.  This feature gives my child so much independence!  Another fun feature is that children can draw pictures through the program to attach to their email.

If you’re interested in trying out Kids Email, you can start a 30-day free trial.  Even better, you don’t have to enter your credit card information for the trial!  If you decide to continue, Kids Email is $38.95 annually (they give you one month free, so the pricing works out to $2.99 per month) or $4.95 per month.  The annual subscription offers six accounts for that price while the monthly subscription offers four accounts for the price.

How We Used Kids Email

For the last two years, Kids Email has been Bookworm’s only email provider, and we love it.  He’ll probably continue to use it as his email for a few more years.  Now that he’s getting older and volunteering and taking online classes, he uses email quite frequently, and I like that he’s using a safe email with parental controls and NO advertising.

PB & J Girl and Cuddle Bug don’t have friends that they email yet or emails for classes, but they do enjoy using the email to keep in touch with grandma, who lives nearly 2,000 miles away.

Final Thoughts

I’m all for giving my kids freedom, so there are only a few of the features in this program that I use.  Because Bookworm can be absent-minded, I love that I can see the emails that he sends and receives.  More than once, we’ve had to go back through my email to look for an old one of his that he deleted because he needed some information there.

However, even though I don’t use all of the features, I love that they’re there.  I intend to continue using Kids Email for many more years, until Cuddle Bug is in her late teen years.  You can’t go wrong with this program.

Kids Email
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